Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanks in 30 Challenge; Days 3 - 14

Yikes...almost half of the months thankful posts will be written in this 1 post. I won't go into the details of explaining my lack of posting but suffice it to say that multiple sicknesses + daddy out of town + the normal bussyness of family life = no time for blogging (and one worn out and tired mama with cabin fever...). I have been keeping track of what I'm thankful for in the notes section of my phone each day, so here is what I have written from the last 12 days:

Day 3
I am thankful for community. We are involved in a community group at our church and while I was hesitant of joining, it has blessed me and stretched me. It is made up of other like-minded people who love Jesus and are striving to be more like Him. Some of the people are people that I feel confident in saying that I never would have met otherwise. Some are in different stages of life. We all have different personalities and it's nice to dive into the Word with people that bring differing viewpoints and life experiences. And I love that our kids are seeing and being a part of "doing life" with a group of people that are interested in investing in them and loving on all of us.

Day 4
I am thankful for our jobs. For Collin's job - a job that he enjoys and that provides for us. For my job as stay-at-home mom where I get to spend everyday with my babies. And today, for my job as preschool teacher. Kyla Brooke is running fever and we aren't able to be at school today. I'm thankful that I'm in a position where I can stay home with her and it's not the end of the world. I'm thankful for flexibility and a director that understands that family comes first.

Day 5

Today I am thankful for this little boy that made me a momma almost 5 years ago. He has such a precious, loving heart and sweet spirit about him. He is silly and easily excited. He is gentle and compassionate.

He has an amazing memory and a love for animals that makes me smile (and I hope he doesn't want to go live with the elephants when he grows up but I won't go into that...) He has the bluest of eyes and super cool hair. He has a forgiving heart and I love that about him. His name means fighter and I hope and pray that he grows up with a strong foundation in the Lord and fighting for what he believes in. He is an answer to prayer and a symbol of God's faithfulness to us. It took us 8 months to get pregnant with him and while I know that isn't very long, to me as a 25 year old, it felt like an eternity. I felt being a mom was my calling and I was shocked when it didn't happen in the first couple of months. I was concerned we would never be able to have kids. God taught me a lot in that time and Cayden always reminds me of God's faithfulness.

Day 6
Today, I am thankful that God's mercies are new every morning. Kyla Brooke is still sick and we are unable to go to school today. If I'm honest I'm going a bit nuts and ready to get out of the house. Collin is gone on business and I'm doing the single mom thing this week. I'm up every night with KB (usually giving her a breathing treatment or cleaning up vomit because she got into a coughing fit) and just tired and frustrated that we weren't able to go to school again today. But, I know that God is good and that His will is perfect. I know that I am in this season for a short time and I choose to enjoy it. And I know that His mercies are new every morning and that tomorrow is a new day. Preferably one that includes no vomit or fever...I'm just sayin'.

Day 7

I am thankful for this spunky angel. With her, everything has come easy. As to where it took us the better part of a year to get pregnant with Cayden, we got pregnant with her immediately. I kind of feel like we just had a conversation about having another and boom - she was on the way. I was terrified of her delivery because Cayden's was so difficult, but it was SO easy. I remember moments after she was born and the doctors and nurses were standing around, I looked at Collin and said, "Seriously, that's it?! I could do that again tomorrow!" She was an easy baby and so far has been an easy toddler. She is just such a joy.

She is as sharp as a tack and has a vocabulary well beyond her age. She is sweet and fun and laughs easily - I love that about her. I adore her curly hair and her blue eyes. She is freakishly strong...and strong-willed like me. Collin and I often find ourselves talking about how if we could be guaranteed another as easy as her we would have a third. I love watching her grow. I honestly wish I could bottle her little almost 26 month self up because I LOOOOVE this age. She has brought the most precious femininity into our home. Just as much as I hoped in my heart of hearts growing up that my first born would be a boy, I hoped my second born would be a girl. And sometimes I'm still shocked that God allowed that dream to be a reality. He's so so sweet.

Day 8

Today I am thankful for this handsome man that has been my husband for almost 8 years. He is most certainly my better half. He makes me laugh and enjoy my role as wife and mom so much. He loves the Lord. He loves people. He hardly complains about anything and isn't afraid of hard work. He is humble. He helps keep me grounded and positive. He is smart. He loves me. He's an amazing daddy. He isn't perfect by any means. He has gross toenails and leaves his little facial hairs all over the bathroom. But he's God's perfect match for me. He's more than I could have imagined in a husband and I am blessed beyond words to be his wife. And I'm SOOOO thankful that he is home from Pennsylvania!!

Day 9
I have slept 15 hours today. Mostly due to NyQuil and the fact that my body doesn't handle medication well...or maybe too well depending on how you look at it. I have a cold (thanks for sharing KB) that is making me feel like I want to crawl in a hole for 3 days. So today, I am thankful for rest. And a husband that has let me rest even though he's sick too. See - I told you he was a rockstar ;)

Day 10
I am thankful for my salvation. The fact that God saved a wretch like me and has adopted me into His family leaves me awestruck. I am so unworthy but so so thankful. Because of His great love for me, I have a constant help in this life and am guaranteed to be with Him for eternity. And He loves you just the same!

Day 11
Today I'm thankful for my freedom. I'm thankful for all the Veterans that have helped secure and maintain our freedom in America and the men and women that are still active in the military today. They, along with their families, are sacrificing so that others may have and for that, I am very thankful. Big shout out to my daddy and Collin's papaw who served in the Navy, my father-in-law that served in the National Guard, my grandpa that served in the Army, and my friend John, that is married to one of my oldest and dearest friends Kristin, who is serving over in Japan right now.

Day 12
It's freezing today. Literally. I think it's 31 right now and dropping. It's rare to get freezing temperatures in Texas in November but that's the case today. On days like this I cannot help but think about those that live in my city that do not have a warm home to be in. We lost power tonight for a little over an hour. We were making plans about what we would do if the power wasn't coming back on. It's going to be in the 20's tonight and we didn't want to stay here with no heater with 2 small children. Thankfully the power came back on at 8:00 PM and we were able to get the kids in bed and stay here. But my mind thinks about those that don't have warm homes to be in on cold nights. We are blessed. I'm overwhelmed with feelings of unworthiness that all our basic needs are met and thankfulness that they are.

Day 13

Today I am thankful for the fact that God has blessed me with 2 kids. As someone who grew up an only child, it is such a treasure watching the sibling relationship unfold. They are the others best friend - they play, they fight, they imagine, they hope, they get excited, they forgive, they empathize, they love.

Each is the best gift we could have ever given to the other. The Lord is so sweet in blessing me with these 2 and I'm living vicariously a bit through their relationship.

I snapped this photo at breakfast this morning. It was a typical morning and they were sitting at the table chatting. As I'm in the kitchen I hear Cayden say to Kyla Brooke who is covered in jelly, "You're a mess baby girl!" A minute later he is explaining to her who Spider-Man is and all of his "awesome" abilities. And she is enthralled and copying his hand motions. A few minutes after that, they begin telling one another how they are going to be brave and not "cry or scream" when getting eye drops (pink eye visited our times. And in case you were wondering...they're liars. Cayden's a small liar. Kind of like a white liar. Minimal crying. Kyla Brooke....huuuuge liar. Lots of screaming and crying and body convulsions. She's a gigantic liar. And freakishly strong.). It's everyday mundane conversations that I love. It's watching their relationship grow and blossom. It makes me happy. God is good. I am thankful.

Day 14
Today I am super thankful for my parents. They gave me a fabulous childhood - helped me discover who the Lord is and gave me a strong foundation early on. They consistently and unselfishly love and help me and so many others. I can always count on them. They are fun, wise, dependable, and quirky. I owe so much of who I am to the fact that the Lord blessed me with them as parents. They are amazing grandparents. My dad is the smartest person I have ever known and my mom is my best friend. They inspire me as they continue to live life to the fullest. My mom has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.  Here they are vacationing in Sedona. My dad sent me the below photo with the caption, "Mom pushed me into the Grand Canyon." I told you - quirky ;)

Here they are riding a hot air balloon in Sedona. My mom told me that it was amazing and not to wait as long as she did to do it.

 They are such an amazing example to us. I am so thankful for them.