Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanks in 30 Challenge - Day 16

We had a lazy day. We slept late, ate random food at weird times, I stayed in my jammies all day, we ate lots of was awesome. It was a day where we had no plans. We got to relax and hang out as a family. We painted part of the guest bathroom.

It's a rarity that we have nothing on the agenda and I thoroughly enjoy it when it happens. There are a million things that we probably "should" have been doing but I am a firm believer in a lazy day every now and then. We busted out the wii and had a dinner picnic on blankets in the living room. I am super thankful for days like today.

*Side note - if you are thinking of buying Behr paint from Home forewarned that it stinks. At least the kind we bought does. I paid $32 for this gallon can of paint with such strong fumes we had to tag team painting. I wore a face mask. Collin got a headache. My eyes started stinging. It's bad. If you choose to ignore my advice and end up with a crazy headache, were warned.*