Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Please pray with us...

I know I am behind on posting about what I'm thankful for. I am keeping up with it on my phone and will post it soon but for now, I have an urgent prayer request. Last year, my friend Ali approached me and asked me to be in prayer for her brother-in-law, Mark, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. We have been praying for "Jack's Uncle Mark" as my sweet Cayden calls him (he's friends with Ali's son Jack) and his wife and three children ever since. He has just started his sixth round of chemotherapy. Things have been progressively going downhill as he is loosing speech abilities and clarity of mind. They have been hoping that it was a side effect of the chemo. They went in today for the results of his latest brain scan and got bad news. Ali texted me today and said that there are new tumor masses that are growing FAST.

God is not surprised by this. We might be disheartened but God is not. Quite frankly, I am disheartened. I got Ali's text while I was in Target today with both kids in tow. I literally felt like my heart had dropped into my stomach and tears started rolling down my face. I have never met these people but after praying for them and carrying their burdens I feel connected to them and I am truly heartbroken.

As we have been asking friends for prayer, one of them said to us, "The greatest peace found is that no one loves Mark more than his Creator." So true. Won't you pray that with me over Mark? That he feels God's unending love and peace in a phenomenal, confusing-to-the-world, life-altering kind of way. I am so thankful that Mark knows the Lord. He and his wife are believers and I have been so encouraged reading their blog and seeing how they are choosing to praise the Lord through this. They want the Lord to be glorified. They know that He is good in all circumstances, whatever the outcome. Will you join us and hit your knees for this precious family? Please pray for a miraculous complete healing that only Jehovah Rapha can do. Please pray that Mark will be able to live a long life on earth - loving and leading his sweet wife and three young kids. Pray that he will get to see his kids grow up. Pray that he will continue to be a witness to so many that watch him walk this path and wonder how he has the strength and comfort that he does. Pray for salvation for his doctors, nurses, lab techs, extended family members or long-lost friends that may not know the life changing love of Christ. Pray for his wife. That she would have lots of love and support and encouragement rallied around her. Pray for the kids. That they would have supernatural understanding and grace over the days and weeks to come. Pray for rest for the family. Pray for God's will. Just please pray. Sweet Jesus, please be near.


Jody said...

Kristin, Uncle Randy and I join with you in agreement for all you've mentioned here. In Jesus Name, we lift him and his family before the presence of the One who, as you said, loves Mark more than anyone.