Monday, January 16, 2012

Kyla Brooke is 4 months old!

My sweet angel baby,

You are 4 months old! How is it possible that my tiny little baby is already 1/3 of the way to 1 year old?! Our lives truly are a vapor. You are SUCH a joy and daddy and I could just eat you up with a spoon! Here's what you're up to at 4 months old:

-You are wearing size 2 diapers and are wearing some 3 and some 6 month clothing. I have just started putting you in 6 month sleepers because you are getting too long for the 3 month.

-You weigh 13 lbs, 13 oz (60th %) and are 25.5 inches long (82nd %).

-Your hair is still slowly coming in. You have enough for me to put a tiny bow in and have it stay only if you don't move too much! I only did that once, though, because I didn't want the alligator clip to pull any of your hair and hurt you. I think we'll be strictly in headbands for a while longer which is just fine with me.

-You are still VERY smiley and happy almost all of the time. Your favorite thing is attention from us and smile SO big when we talk to you. I find myself often saying things like, "I love that smile but I need you to stop smiling at me and eat!"

-You are constantly trying to put things in your mouth - usually your hands - and have been drooling a lot over the last month. I am wondering when you are going to get your first tooth. Cayden's came in at 5 months so I'm wondering if you will follow after him.

-We moved you into your own bed at night as soon as we got home from traveling at Christmas and you have done pretty well with it.

-You love your room and want to stare up at the painting that daddy and I did for you that hangs above your crib. You also love to look at the vinyl Bible verse that is on the wall above your changing pad. We often see you looking at it intently. You love your bed and all the fabrics and will lay in bed and talk to yourself and grunt while you touch the bumper.

-You take about 4 naps a day and are sleeping about 11 hours a night (8:30 PM-7:30 AM give or take an hour) with 1 dreamfeed around 10:15 PM. You still wake up randomly and usually I have to get up at least once in the night, even if it is just to put your paci back in.

-You are trying desperately to roll from your back to your tummy but haven't mastered it yet.

-Dr. Worsley, your pediatrician, commented on what good head control you have at your 4 month check up. He was also impressed at your eye contact and how you locked eyes with him almost immediately.

-You started having constipation issues right after you turned 3 months. It has broken my heart to see you in pain. I have given you a little bit of organic baby apple juice and that usually helps.

-You are starting to really love Cayden and act so happy when he pays attention to you and loves on you. It warms my heart.

-You love to watch and want to be in the action. You like to watch daddy and Cayden play and will flap your arms and get so excited - it's evident you want to play and it's so sweet.

-Daddy and I are constantly talking about how much we adore you and what a sweet, joyful presence you have brought into our home. We wish we could bottle you up and keep this feeling forever :)

Love you BIG,



Anonymous said...

I love that sweet face! :)

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