Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kyla Brooke is 1 month old!

Kyla Brooke,

We so greatly anticipated your arrival and the fact that you've already reached the 1 month mark blows your momma's mind! You are THE sweetest little baby and we are so thankful that the Lord blessed our family with you. Here's what you're up to at 1 month old.

-You are wearing newborn size clothes and newborn diapers.

-You are a good eater and have put on weight but you're still a tiny little thing! We think you're somewhere between 8-9 lbs.

-You have started giving us random coo's over the last couple weeks and we love it so much!

-You smile sometimes, and while we know it's not intentional yet, it's so cute!

-Your hair is slowly coming in. It's still hard to tell what color it is but we think it will be dark blonde/light brown - like big brother's.

-You love to ride in the car and sleep really well in your carseat.

-You get hiccups it seems like at least once a day and while they don't seem to bother you, they do keep you ( and mommy) up at night.

-I am trying to get you on a 7-10-1-4 eating schedule and you're doing pretty well with it.

-You wake up to eat about every 2.5 to 3 hours and have even given me an occasional 4 hour break between feedings at night. You usually wake up to eat twice in the night. You sleep well the first stretch and the third stretch but the middle of the night stretch you seem to stay awake for quite a while (like a few hours). Mommy is hoping to remedy this VERY soon.

-You have beautiful blue eyes. The doctor said at your 2 week check up (where you weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz and were in the 2nd percentile) that your eyes were so blue that he doubted they would turn another color. He said that at Cayden's 2 week check up too and he was right so I'm hoping he's right for you as well.

-You are a very calm tempered patient baby and daddy and I are SO thankful for your sweet disposition. You hardly ever cry - when you wake up at night to eat, you don't even cry - you just grunt at me.

-Speaking of grunting, you are a HUGE grunter! Daddy and I laugh because you're such a cute, dainty little girl and then you let out these giant old man grunts - it seems unnatural coming from you!

-You love pacifiers - you don't seem to have a favorite brand, you will take to just about any of them - but you're having trouble learning to keep them in your mouth.

Everyone is constantly commenting on what a sweet baby you are. I could seriously eat you up with a spoon! I have to pinch myself sometimes to fully believe that I'm not dreaming and you and your brother are mine! God is so good :) You are so, so loved sweet girl. Happy 1 month birthday!