Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Days

I still have a hard time believing that my first baby is in preschool! We went to Meet the Teacher a couple weeks ago and he did super. He has a couple of great teachers and I know he will have a fabulous year! He goes 2 days a week for 5 hours a day and while I miss him when he's gone, I know the social and educational aspects are going to be so good for him.

Excited to go to Meet the Teacher

Playing in the dress up area

His first day was last week and while we had talked it up a bunch and he seemed excited, the morning did NOT go as planned. We had gone to bed early and tried to do everything that you do on the night before the first day of school.

One of our sprinkler pipes burst at 6:45 AM and so we all woke up earlier than planned, including Cayden. Nothing that morning seemed to go right and even though we woke up early, we still ended up running a little behind schedule. Cayden was tired and did not want to cooperate. This is the only picture I got of him before we left the house. It about sums up the morning!

By the time we got to school he had calmed down but still wasn't in the greatest mood.

When we got into school and outside his classroom, one of his teachers was having to peel a screaming classmate off his momma. I tried to distract Cayden but there's no distracting an already nervous toddler from a screaming, kicking child standing three feet away. We went into the classroom, I helped him put his stuff in his cubbie, and hugged him goodbye. I could see how brave he was trying to be in his little face but as soon as I said bye, he started crying. Broke my heart! I quickly walked out and watched him through the little secret window for a minute. After a couple minutes, he was totally fine and playing.

I had these visions of picking him up and him being so happy to see me - we would go get ice cream after school and it would be a sweet memory. That did NOT happen. When it's time to pick the kids up, they're still napping so they let the parents wake them. Cayden is a great nap taker and does not like being woken up (especially since he was SO tired from waking up early and playing hard) and he did not act happy to see me. He fussed and cried all the way to the car and was in a terrible mood all the way home. We did not get ice cream and it made me sad :( Once we got home, he slowly snapped out of it. I had anticipated a very different first day of school and I went to bed feeling sad and defeated that the day had gone so differently than I planned. I'm sure the crazy pregnancy hormones had nothing to do with that :)

Praise the Lord that His mercies are new every morning. Cayden's second day went better. He still woke up early but the morning was much smoother and I actually got the backpack wearing fireplace picture that I wanted on the first day! We sang happily all the way to school and when it came time to go into his classroom, he walked right in and didn't cry when I left! I was so proud!

He was in a bit of a sour mood when I picked him up but it was better than the first day and he snapped out of it in time for us to get ice cream together on the way home. He was excited to put his artwork on the fridge when we got home. It was a much better day! Here's to hoping this week goes even better!


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