Thursday, September 29, 2011

All about our little beauty...

My friend and talented photographer Leslie took newborn photos of Kyla Brooke when she was 6 days old. I am pretty thrilled with the way they turned out. I am pretty smitten with her as well.

Big brother adores her. I was worried that he might resent her but he is showing no signs of any sort of feelings like that. He is very gentle with her and constantly wants to touch her and look at her. And he always asks to see her feet - so funny! Speaking of her feet, they are HUGE! They are very skinny, like the rest of her, but they are long and remind me of skis - ha! She has long skinny fingers too. Cayden wants to get in her face to look at her and if her eyes are open, he thinks it's hilarious and laughs.

Kyla Brooke is a really good baby. She usually only cries when she needs something. Even at night when she wakes up to eat, she just grunts and groans for several minutes until I get her. When she does cry, it's not a shrill cry like Cayden had. Thank goodness! She's also starting to coo and we love it! It's so cute!

She is a patient little thing and we are all amazed at how alert she is. She seems to be so curious about everything around her. She opens her eyes really wide and looks around at everything.

She has taken to a pacifier and it's been great. Cayden would never take one. He just got frustrated that nothing was coming out and would start screaming! She really seems to have the need to suck on something and does well with the paci. She is still having some trouble keeping it in her mouth on her own but she'll get it.

She is so strong! She has been lifting her head since she was 2 days old. While we were still in the hospital, she was trying to roll over. She constantly kicks her little legs and is moving her arms. Even the nurses at the hospital were talking about how active she is!

She is a good sleeper. She would prefer sleeping while being held, what baby wouldn't!, but she sleeps pretty good in her cradle and in the swing. She goes anywhere from 2-5 hours (usually 3-4) at night. Since she's a crazy arm mover, we swaddle her up at night and she sleeps good. If we don't swaddle her, she hits herself in the face and wakes herself up.

She's a good eater although she has trouble staying awake so I am working on getting her to eat a full meal instead of just "snacking". We can definitely tell that she is gaining weight though. We are ready for her to get some meat on her bones -- she's so tiny!! My mom and I had to go buy her some more newborn things (which are still big) because we were expecting her to be 8 lbs and didn't have much newborn stuff!

Before she was born, I wondered how it would be possible for me to love someone else the way I love Cayden. I knew that I would somehow but it was still a foreign idea. But now she's here and as a mommy of 2, I can say that I totally do! It's amazing the love that I have for these 2 little people. Life is tiring these days but I feel so so blessed :)


Mirka said...

Can I write just beautiful children.Grow to the joy of parents.