Thursday, September 8, 2011

38 Weeks - Aaggghhhh!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of baby: About 19.75 inches - the size of a watermelon - and weighs around 7 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 29 lbs - I am right on track to hitting my no-more-than-30 lb's-gained-goal

Maternity Clothes: Except for certain jammies (which are gettin' preeeety snug!) & some of Collin's t-shirts I am all maternity.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: Her movement has slowed down over the last week. She's running out of room!

Sleep: Not great but I keep reminding myself that it could be worse. Soon, I'll be getting up every little bit with a baby so I'm trying to enjoy all the sleep I can right now!

What I miss: Lots of things about not being pregnant but since I'm in the home stretch, I am trying to enjoy the things that I love about being pregnant. Especially since this may be my last time doing this.

Cravings: Nothing real specific, I'm just hungry! Once I hit 9 months, the hunger finally set in. I am eating lots more these days than I have been this entire pregnancy. I did send Collin to the store for some applesauce that I had to have the other night. And I devoured the entire jar in 2 or 3 sittings.

Symptoms: I think I have almost every symptom out there. My feet are getting ridiculously swollen.

Best Moment this week: Having Cayden (who was in a great mood - a rarity this week!) all to myself this afternoon.

My sweet Cayden is having a rough week. Being the perceptive 2 year old that he is, he's picking up on all the chaos and baby preparations around the house and I know he can tell things are about to happen. He doesn't have a clue how his world is about to be rocked, but he knows something's up. He also started school yesterday for the first time ever. He is going to a great local preschool (I hate using the term "Mother's Day Out" because to me that implies it's like a babysitting service and it's not! They have curriculum and themes and do projects and work on all sorts of things like shapes, colors, letters, they incorporate Spanish, have circle time, etc.). I will try and post details about the first day of school with pictures soon but for the purposes of this quick 38 week update post, let me just say that school - as it is for any child - is going to be an adjustment. On top of that big milestone, Cayden will be joining us in welcoming his baby sister in 8 days! That's right - we are scheduled to be at the hospital for induction on September 16th. For insurance purposes, we are praying that she holds out until then but my doctor (and me!) are trying to avoid some of the issues that I had with Cayden this go around so she wants to induce sooner rather than later. Sooo, we will be meeting this sweet baby in just 8 days (I will be 39 weeks + 1 day). AAGGGHHHH! Suffice it to say, our little man has some major adjustments this month. Extra prayers for him are greatly appreciated. He has been a bit of a handful lately and in these final days of pregnancy, my fuse has been much shorter than normal with him. While I am thrilled about this sweet baby girl and so excited to have her join our family, I am grieving the time that I am losing with just me and Cayden. I have these visions of all these things I want to do with him while it's still just the 2 of us. It seems like nothing I have planned is going the way I envisioned it and it makes me sad - usually because of his attitude lately. I get frustrated. Then I feel bad about it because I know he has so much going on right now and I need to be extra reassuring and loving towards him. It's a weird place to be. Honestly, I could use some prayer too.

As far as baby girl goes, she seems to be doing great. At my 38 week check up today she was measuring 34 weeks but doctor thinks it's just because she's slowly dropping. Last week at 37, she was measuring 35. She's not estimated to be a small baby so I'm not worried about it. Her bedding arrived last week and her room is almost ready. We have to put the vinyl up above her dresser, hang a memo board, and her bow holder, and finish painting the canvas to go above her crib and her room should be done. My dad is coming over tomorrow while Cayden is in school to help me with the first 3 of those things and I'm hoping to get quite a bit done on the canvas over the weekend. I still have some house cleaning to get done, a couple more meals to make and freeze, and Collin needs to pack his bag but other than that - we are ready. I really will post a belly picture soon. We've just been so busy lately we haven't really taken any pics. Shame on us!