Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Big 2 Year Old

My poor firstborn has been a bit neglected on the blog lately so I thought I'd show him a little love and share what he's been up to.

At almost 29 months, he's about 35 inches tall and weighs around 30 pounds. He is wearing mostly 2T clothing and is in size 5 diapers. We plan to potty train at some point in June so stay tuned for that excitement...I am dreading it!

He loves to be outside and is constantly asking to "go down da slide". He has a shirt that says "VIP of the Playground" and it makes me laugh because he acts like it's true. He adores the outdoors. We took him to ride the Forrest Park Mini Train on Memorial Day and while he liked it, he whined as we rode by the playground. I honestly think he would have rather been on the playground. Next time we'll keep our $10 and let him play for free!

Over the last few months, Cayden has discovered how cool his daddy is. He will follow him around like a puppy dog when he gets home from work, just starring at him with this eager anticipation, wondering what he's going to do next. He loves to play outside with daddy and to wrestle around with him on the floor. Collin is SO good with him and it warms my heart to watch my boys together.

He has become quite the little helper around the house. He longs to help us do daily tasks and it makes me so proud to watch him wanting to chip in.

The other night when we were on the way home from dinner, Cayden kept starring at the sun. We explained to him that starring at the sun could hurt his eyes and told him not to stare at it. For the remainder of the trip home, he was doing this:

He was afraid to open his eyes for fear of looking at the sun so he kept them lightly closed all the way home. He was talking and singing with his eyes closed - ha! Sweet boy.

He is content to play by himself for substantial amounts of time and this mommy is so thankful that he can entertain himself. I am hoping this continues when sister makes her appearance in a few months.

He is constantly talking and picking up new phrases. His pronunciation has really improved over the last month. He loves to count to 20 (which he's been doing for a long time now) and to sing his ABC's. He was helping me count coins this afternoon (we are getting ready for a garage sale) and he was making me laugh because he kept calling them "corns".

He has become quite the picky eater and it's often a struggle getting him to eat much that we want him to eat. Last night while Collin was putting him to bed he kept telling Collin that he wanted, "babanas (bananas) and ice cream".

We have had our fair share of disciplinary issues lately - I know it's just part of this age and we're praying our way through it. He's stubborn like his parents and is starting to test the boundaries. We are praying that we do our best possible job as parents to train him up in righteousness and point him constantly to the cross.

He is going through this phase right now where he loves to give kisses. He is constantly wanting to kiss me and it melts my heart. Kisses on the mouth, on the hands, on the shoulders, on the knees...he's such a sweetheart.

I know that he will be a loving, gentle big brother and I'm excited to see his new role in the family unfold over the next year. I love him SO SO much and the playful masculinity that he brings into this house. Cannot imagine my life without him in it. So thankful that the Lord allowed us to be his parents!


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