Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter is a holiday that I always look forward to and this year was especially exciting with a 2 year old in the house. The fact that our Savior was willing to die for us gives us the best reason in the world to celebrate - we are able to freely come to God! I want Cayden to understand and celebrate the joy that we share as Christians. We had lots of fun activities planned over this Easter weekend.

Collin had good Friday off and we enjoyed hanging out as a family. We made and decorated Easter cookies.

We had a quick run in with our neighbor who decided that good Friday would be a nice day to replace the fence between our house and hers WITHOUT TELLING US. The nice thing is that it's the Cadillac of fences and she's not asking us to pay for it but it's a little shocking to go in the backyard and have no fence on one side! I was in shock and not happy at all but I got over it once I realized there was nothing I could do about it - our fence was already torn down! Our fence is stained and the new fence sticks out like a sore thumb in our backyard but we can stain it if we want. The whole thing ended cordially and we're still on good terms with our neighbor but I think that she got the picture that no communication is not going to fly in this neighbor relationship.

We went to the good Friday service at my parents church that night. My dad was serving the Lord's Supper so it was neat to be at their church for that. Cayden did great at their nursery. I wasn't sure how it would go since it was a new place but he walked right in and didn't cry or anything. He didn't even turn back to look at us! Awesome.

Saturday morning, our little threesome met up with the Simpson's little threesome and we headed over to hunt some Easter Eggs. Cayden was more interested in looking at all the kids than getting candy. I think all the kids everywhere overwhelmed him. Those things make me laugh. They're over in less than a minute and some parents treat it like a contest. There were so many moms picking up their kids and pushing their way through the maze of children, grabbing as much candy as they could. Poor Cayden felt a little trampled but he got over it afterwards when mom opened a kit-kat from his Easter basket. Ha!

After a brief stint of playground time, we went to eat with the Simpson's and then came home for nap time. We had planned on doing another Easter Egg hunt that afternoon but decided to skip that and do some activities at home with DeeDee and Pawpaw. My parents came over and we colored Easter Eggs, I baked for the next day's festivities, and we made Resurrection Rolls.

Cayden enjoyed playing on DeeDee and Pawpaw's new Ipad.

After an excited little boy looked through his Easter basket on Sunday morning, we headed of to church to celebrate our Risen King!

Cayden LOVES this Elmo toy. It has gone everywhere with him since he got it Easter morning. Maylee has one and Cayden loves it so I knew that an Elmo of his very own would be a big hit.

Church was so good. I always love the Easter service. Seeing sweet little kids dressed up in hats and pastel colors makes me giddy. I love the excitement from the Easter service. As believers, we have so much to be excited about! The music was sooo good. (Steph, if you're reading this, tell Steve that he did a great job - I was blessed and encouraged by it!) Cayden was singing praise and worship songs on the way home from church and it about made my heart melt. We got home from church and took a few pictures. We didn't feel like messing with the timer on the camera to get a whole family shot before we got out of our Easter clothes.

Here's me at 18 weeks, 3 days pregnant with our second child.

Someone was pretty excited about his Easter candy!

After we changed clothes, we headed over to my parents house to spend the day. After naps, Cayden was excited to learn that he got another Easter basket from DeeDee and Pawpaw.

And he got a very cool doctor kit. It has a pager that goes off and a stethoscope that makes noise.

I think he likes it!

Cayden got a giant bubble wand so we had to go outside and test it out. Fun times.

My mom totally outdid herself with Easter dinner this year. She blessed me because all I had to do was a dessert, deviled eggs, and homemade rolls. She did everything else and it was sooo yummy. She made a tangerine glazed spiral ham and oh-my-word...I really liked it. We still have some in our fridge but it will be gone very soon!

It was a great Easter and I hope you had a nice weekend reflecting on what this holiday is about and spending time with loved ones.