Monday, March 21, 2011

A little transition

We had a big weekend at our house! Since Cayden has a lot of transitions coming up (potty training, a big boy bed, and becoming a big brother) over the next 6 months, we decided that it was time to move him to his toddler bed. We had talked about doing it around his 2nd bday but we learned about the new baby around that time and I began to feel so rotten that his toddler bed took a backseat for a while. We are blessed with a laid back first born who did fine in his crib - never tried to climb out - and was totally content staying in it so it wasn't a big deal to wait. We are planning on moving him to a double bed this summer before the baby comes in September so we decided to go ahead and transition him to the toddler bed now. He was really excited "helping" daddy take the footboard off his crib and replace it with the little toddler rail. He squealed as he climbed up into the bed himself once it was finished and then bounced around excitedly.

The getting out of bed on his own part just might be his favorite...

I was a little concerned how the night would go. Cayd is a CrAZy sleeper and I had images of him catapulting himself onto the floor in the night. I made a little pallet on the floor in case he fell out of bed (he apparently didn't like the pallet though because every time I went in there after I had put him to bed (which ended up being a total of 4 times), the things from the floor were pulled up into the bed with him!).

He cried his "I'm-a-little-scared" cry when I walked out of the room. I went back in there after a minute and we had another pep talk and prayed again. He cried when I walked out again but only for a second. Then he started playing...and playing...and playing. Until 11:30!!! Which is why I had to go in there 3 more times. He had a poopy diaper but even after I changed him, he still played for about 45 minutes before falling asleep. Crazy kid. I am happy to report that he did not one time get out of his bed on his own, though. We were watching on the video monitor. And he didn't fall out either :)

He woke up for church on his own the next morning (surprising since he was up until 11:30!) and happily played in his bed for 15 minutes before daddy went in to get him. So far so good. Lets hope the next transitions go just as smoothly!