Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Morning sickness has found me once again this pregnancy. Actually, it found me with a vengeance and has been rather mean to me this go around. I get randomly queasy throughout the day but if I keep my tummy full I can curb the sickness. I end up hitting a brick wall of nausea around 5:00 every afternoon and feel pretty lousy until I go to bed at night. Thankfully I am married to an incredible man who has selflessly picked up the extra slack around the house. I am not complaining, though, as I'm so thankful to be pregnant and it could be so so much worse. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow so hopefully I'll be feeling better and have more energy soon!

As exhausted and yucky as I've been feeling, I've had a pretty busy several days. Larissa and I volunteered to work the Just Between Friends Sale again this year and we got to shop last night. JBF is a community wide consignment sale. Collin and Clint (Larissa's husband) call it GGS - Glorified Garage Sale. Ha! The funny thing is, it kind of is like a big garage sale for moms. The items are nice - the clothes and shoes go through inspection. Everything goes under rigorous review to ensure that nothing that has been recalled goes out on the selling floor. All bedding (anything with filling actually) gets sprayed down with Micoban. No large baby equipment is sold if it has a manufacturer date past 5 years. It's good quality stuff. I have to share what I got because it's such a great deal! If you have young kiddos (up to size 12) or are pregnant, you have to check it out!

I got a Combi lightweight side-by-side double stroller for $50. In case you're not in the realm of all things baby - that is a good deal! This stroller sells for over $200 retail. I looked at the Sit and Stands, which came highly recommended by lots of people, but I think this will work better for our family. If we go to the zoo, for example, Cayden will be out of the stroller for most of the time and then he'll get tired and want to sit down and lean back and chill. With a Sit & Stand, that's not possible. He could sit down but there's nothing to lean back on. I am almost certain it wouldn't be a good fit for him or us. This stroller is easy to maneuver, lightweight and simple enough for me to fold up and easily put in the back of my SUV (it amazingly takes up less room than our Chicco single!), it's narrow enough to fit through standard size doorways, and it's in really good condition! It needs to be cleaned up a bit (crumbs and things under the cushions but no stains) but another thing I liked about it is that the seat cushions come off and can be washed. I brought it in the house today and Cayden wanted to immediately sit in it and after I explained that the baby in mommy's tummy right now will eventually be sitting in the seat next to him, he acted like he really liked that and kept pointing and saying, "Tiny baby sit here." Ha - we'll see how he likes it once that time is here!

I also bought a Medela electric double breast pump for $25. That is a steal! I borrowed the exact same pump from my sister-in-law when Cayden was born - I just bought my own shields and equipment that goes with it. This go around, I decided I would just see if they had one and got one for a ridiculously cheap price. The newer version retails in stores for over $200. Score.

I bought a video monitor for $75. This is a little more than I wanted to spend but still less than half of what you would pay retail. It's still in the box in almost perfect condition. They didn't have a huge selection of these and I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and get it. Cayden had/has a regular monitor and it worked great but this baby will be put in its crib a lot sooner than Cayden was and the peace of mind is worth it to me.

I got 16 books for Cayden for about $15.50. Since he is a winter birthday and it's so close to Christmas, I like to have little things like this that I can pull out randomly for him throughout the rest of the year.

I got some cute maternity clothes for myself including: (didn't total the prices, sorry!)
2 dresses
1 skirt
2 pairs of shorts
1 top
1 swimsuit (which I am so pumped about because it's C-U-T-E!)

I got some spring/summer clothes for Cayden including: (again, didn't total this up)
6 pairs of shorts
7 tops
2 sweater vests
1 swimsuit
1 pair of pants

I got all of that for about $280. That is an awesome deal! And I have to tell you that the clothes are name brand items. Not that any of that matters but I say that to say that these are quality items that will last. If you are a savvy shopper and live in a place that has JBF, I strongly encourage you to go! Just google Just Between Friends and you will find the website. If you're in a large city, chances are they'll have one. I know they do in most cities in Texas anyhow.


Ashley said...

I LOVE JBF!!! Ours is coming up at the end of this month. My friend owns it so I volunteer a lot.