Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First sleepover

My big boy had his first sleepover without mom and dad present. Last Friday was our anniversary and Cayden spent the night with his DeeDee and PawPaw! My mom picked Cayden up after she got off work. He was so excited, although he had no idea why! Although we had talked about it all day, he didn't quite get the concept that momma and dada weren't coming too.

Family shot before we headed our different directions. You don't know what a ridiculous time I had figuring out something to wear! I hate being in this awkward - looks like I've just been visiting Dunkin' Donuts a little too much lately - phase of pregnancy. My regular clothes don't fit anymore but I'm not really big enough for most of my maternity clothes - especially nice, go out to a fancy restaurant maternity clothes. Ahhh, I digress.

I wasn't worried about how Cayden would do. He's so comfortable with my parents - I knew he would have a blast and not get home sick. I was, however, a little concerned for my mom about how Cayden would do sleeping. He's not a sleep-anywhere kind of kid and he definitely isn't a good co-sleeper. My parents bought bed rails and put him in a daybed in one of their guest rooms and then my mom slept on the trundle right next to him. I am THRILLED to say that it went wonderful! Cayden slept all night and so did DeeDee! They did all sorts of fun things and he had a great time! Thanks DeeDee and PawPaw for allowing Collin and I to have a nice date night Friday night and for lovin' on our little man. I see lots more sleepovers in the future!