Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures in haircutting

If you have read this blog for very long you might have read about my experience in getting Cayden's hair cut. It's not been pleasant. I took him a total of 4 times during his second year of life to get his haircut and he acted as though they were trying to murder him. It's a very traumatic and stressful experience for both of us and I vowed not to do it any longer.

Little boy needed a haircut in a bad way. A bad way. It was shaggy in his eyes and stuck out about an inch and a half below his ears on both sides. It was getting to the point that I was embarrassed to take him out in public - ha! So, we put on our brave faces and attempted to give Cayden a haircut at home, all the while hoping that it would go better than last time when I butchered it and had to take him in to Cool Cuts for Kids to remedy momma's bad haircut. We thought he would do better with us doing it but weren't sure how he would act. We decided to do it out on our back porch. We took a bar stool out there and all the materials we were going to need. As we were setting up, I noticed Cayden playing with something on the deck. It was a small hard ball of some sort and he was throwing it down and then running after it. I went over to investigate and out of the corner of my eye I saw it. A piece of it I should say. We used to have a cute little bunny that lived under our wood deck but not anymore... Something had torn it to shreds and there were pieces of it everywhere. Collin took pictures of it but I won't disgust you with the image of Thumper torn to pieces all over our deck. I still don't know what it is exactly that Cayden was playing with but needless to say, we rushed inside and washed our hands about a dozen times while daddy cleaned up the mess. Fun times. So, plan B - we were losing light and decided to move into the garage. Make sure you notice the giant garage sale pile behind Cayden :)

See how long and shaggy his hair was!

So Collin began to cut it...Cayden cried and whined a bit but overall did REALLY good. He kept saying, "I prouda you" - wanting us to praise him for his good behavior. Precious kid. He was playing a game on my phone and it served as a pretty good distraction. That and fruit snacks. Collin started buzzing the back but it proved really hard to fade with the top still so long. Then he tried to cut the top. Before long, it turned into a chili bowl. You can see my hand over my mouth laughing in the picture below. I gave Collin an E for effort - he did a better job than I could have but poor Cayden looked ridiculous. In typical mom fashion, I still think he looked cute though. Ridiculous but cute.

We decided to call it a night knowing that his hair was still salvageable and we'd deal with it the next day. Here he is the next morning sportin' his chili bowl.

From the back - look how uneven it was!

We decided to try to fix it ourselves instead of taking him in. Collin went and bought another set of clippers that had more guards for fading and after another 30 minutes of haircutting, we ended up buzzing it all with an 8. Collin did a much better job fading the back and after a little time to get used to it, we really like it!

He's playing that same game on my phone here. We don't allow him to play it that often but it's the only way I could get him to hold still for a picture! He's a busy boy these days :) It makes him look so much older! Collin thinks we'll still be able to spike the front but we haven't tried yet. We're planning on continuing the at-home haircuts. This is going to be less stressful on everyone, easier on the wallet, and with more practice I have faith that Collin will become a haircutting pro! Hopefully our traumatic haircutting days are over. And just maybe the next haircut won't involve a dead animal!