Thursday, March 31, 2011

15 Weeks

I apologize for the continual pictures with no face! I have been taking them myself while Collin is at work and I cannot seem to get the camera adjusted on the timer with my face in the shot!
I'm 15 weeks pregnant!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 15 Weeks
Size of baby: About 4.0 inches - the size of a navel orange - and weighs around 2.5 oz
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 1 lb
Maternity Clothes: Some maternity, some not. Most of my pants are maternity because they're just more comfortable. Shirts/dresses are a mix of small maternity and regular.
Gender: We will find out in 4-5 more weeks!
Movement: Not much to report over the last week. Ready for that stage, though!
Sleep: I'm so tired that I sleep pretty well. If it wasn't for having to get up and pee multiple times in the night, I would sleep great!
What I miss: Having energy. And I'm starting to get to that part of pregnancy where it's not comfortable to sleep on my stomach and I'm starting to miss that. I'm doing this modified leg hike move and that is working for now.
Cravings: I am starting to get my appetite back - thankfully. Not really been craving much but I'm sure it's coming. I'm pretty good at telling what I don't want though! :)
Symptoms: Feeling much better this week. No major nausea to speak of - yay! I have to be careful what I eat - cannot get too hungry or too full or I feel yucky but other than that, feeling much better! I am still very tired all the time and need a nap every afternoon. My old friend heartburn set in 2 nights ago so now I have a bottle of Tums Smoothies sitting on my nightstand. My face also recently decided to get into this pregnancy and as of this last week I am breaking out like I'm in middle school. Fun times. With Cayden, I broke out early on and then once I got into the 2nd trimester it tapered off. This go around, it's going to be the opposite I guess. It's all worth it in the end for sweet baby, though!
Best Moment this week: Definitely feeling better has been a highlight. If I could get some energy back too, I might start to feel "normal"! Ha!

This has been a weird week. The weather has been uncharacteristically cool and overcast and we've spent a lot of time indoors. Cayden desperately wants to play outside. Cayden developed this weird itchy rash the other night that I was afraid might be the beginnings of chicken pox. He wasn't running fever or acting sick, though, so we figured it wasn't that. Collin says it looked just like an allergic reaction rash that he had in high school. Cayd hadn't eaten/played with/done anything abnormal that day so I don't know what it could have been a reaction to but it went away the next day. That is the second weird rash that he's had in the last month. He has SUCH sensitive skin.

Back to pregnancy - The baby's legs are now longer than its arms this week. And it has functional joints. The hair on its head is growing, blood vessels are forming under the skin, and the baby might already be sucking its thumb at this point. Amazing. The process by which God grows a life is so amazing. To think that Collin and I have anything major to do with this miracle would be entirely self-involved and ridiculous. I am just so thankful He chose to bless us with this baby and is knitting them together so perfectly!

I have been struggling with being so tired. I don't have energy to do much but I'm sure the cloud will lift soon and I'll feel like resuming life as we knew it. Can hardly wait to find out what this sweet baby is in about a month! It's funny to me - with Cayden, we had talked about names from what seems like the moment we learned we were prego. This time around, we have hardly talked about names. I'm sure that will pick up in the coming weeks. It will be fun to start calling the baby by name and not, "it" or "the baby".

My in-laws are coming into town this weekend and we're so excited to see them! We haven't seen them since Cayden's birthday party so it will be great to spend the weekend with them.