Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Life Update & Valentine's Day

Things have been pretty wild around here lately between the Super Bowl being in our humble city and the Arctic Blast that visited us recently. The week before the Super Bowl, the city of Fort Worth received several inches of ice and snow. Collin stayed home from work 3 of the 5 days and we enjoyed being snowed in together! It was REALLY cold so we didn't get out to play much. We actually had wind chills in the negatives! Crazy weather for Texas.

Collin is a big time Steeler's fan so the Super Bowl was a big deal at our house this year. Cayden loves watching football and was so cute in his Hines Ward jersey. He would watch and then yell, "GO GO GO!" The funny thing was he would yell during a commercial or something - never really during the right time. He wants to be just like his daddy. Precious. Makes me so excited for the days that are coming all too soon when we'll watch him playing soccer and he'll run down the field the wrong direction and score for the other team. Ha! Cayden's favorite part of the Super Bowl was playing "Tackle" with daddy.

We are not big into Valentine's Day at our house. We don't celebrate big time or buy one another elaborate gifts. I don't buy into the whole cheesy commercialized part of the holiday. I do, however, want to use it to talk about love. Real love. What it looks like. How loved we are by our Heavenly Father. How in turn we are called to love others.

We have been doing some craft projects to help us to focus on love and what it means. We made stained glass hearts out of crayon shavings and displayed them in the playroom windows.

We mailed Valentines to our friends and family. We then made special handprint Valentines for the grandparents.

Tomorrow he will wake up to a special heart shaped breakfast, get a little Valentine's gift from mom & dad, & we've got some special crafts and baking planned. What do you do to celebrate with your kids?


Ashley said...

Valentine's isn't a big deal here either. Jim is taking Ryann lunch at school. And I'm thankful for the love that our family shares, but we don't buy into the commercialized holiday either. But, we are going for ice cream tonight as a family! :)

Happy Valentine's to you my friend. Love you much.