Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am a planner by nature. Always have been. I am an avid list maker and will plan out weekly things I want to get done, etc. More than short term goals, I really like to plan out long-term things...

In high school, I could tell you exactly where I would go to college, what I would study, and when I would graduate, who I would marry and when, how many kids we would have and what their names would be. Looking back on that vision of what my life would be, I cannot help but laugh outloud. Mainly because I was silly and naive to think that my life would seriously go exactly as I planned it. But also because I am so thrilled that my life did not go as I planned it. It's so much better!

Thankfully, I serve a God who laughs at my plans. I ended up going to 3 different colleges, none of them the one that I always thought I would go to. I changed my major to something that I never imagined I would do and was in college a lot longer than I thought I would be. I met and fell in love with the most wonderful man I've ever known and believe it or not, he was/is a year younger than me (gasp!). Despite me spending the majority of my life saying that I would never be with someone younger than me, I married the younger man of my dreams about 3 years later (in a month that I never imagined I would marry, mind you). Definitely not what I had planned -- but waaaay better.

After a year and a half of wedded bliss, we started trying to get pregnant. We were young and healthy and sure it wouldn't take us very long. So many people around us were getting pregnant quickly and we excitedly thought that we would join their ranks soon. Much to our disappointment, a few months went by and still no positive pregnancy test. I began to worry. Looking back, I know how silly it was to worry but as a person who's lifelong dream was/is to be a wife and mom, it was heartbreaking thinking that something might be wrong. It ended up taking us 8 months to get pregnant with Cayden. God taught us a lot in that time of waiting but more importantly, showed us a lot about His sovereignty after we saw those two pink lines. We learned just 3 1/2 months later that we would be making a 300 mile across state move. I won't bore you with details, but trust me when I say that God's plan was so perfect. Everything fell into place. And I got to be pregnant (just 3 weeks apart!) with my very best friend -- something we always hoped we would get to experience together.

Fast forward a couple of years -- Cayden just turned 2 on January 6th. We had prayed about and decided that around his 2nd birthday would be a good time to try for another baby. We were hopeful that it would happen sooner than it did last time but weren't naive going into it this go-around either. With that said, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this not even a week after Cayden's birthday:

I was so shocked that I took several more tests. We are thrilled about this unexpected blessing. So without further ado, meet our newest baby Day:

Expected due date is September 22, 2011. I am so thankful that my Lord is in control and not me. His ways are so much better and make life so much more fun, smooth, challenging, and interesting all at the same time!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from ALL of us!


Happy Valentines Day from the 4 of us!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick Life Update & Valentine's Day

Things have been pretty wild around here lately between the Super Bowl being in our humble city and the Arctic Blast that visited us recently. The week before the Super Bowl, the city of Fort Worth received several inches of ice and snow. Collin stayed home from work 3 of the 5 days and we enjoyed being snowed in together! It was REALLY cold so we didn't get out to play much. We actually had wind chills in the negatives! Crazy weather for Texas.

Collin is a big time Steeler's fan so the Super Bowl was a big deal at our house this year. Cayden loves watching football and was so cute in his Hines Ward jersey. He would watch and then yell, "GO GO GO!" The funny thing was he would yell during a commercial or something - never really during the right time. He wants to be just like his daddy. Precious. Makes me so excited for the days that are coming all too soon when we'll watch him playing soccer and he'll run down the field the wrong direction and score for the other team. Ha! Cayden's favorite part of the Super Bowl was playing "Tackle" with daddy.

We are not big into Valentine's Day at our house. We don't celebrate big time or buy one another elaborate gifts. I don't buy into the whole cheesy commercialized part of the holiday. I do, however, want to use it to talk about love. Real love. What it looks like. How loved we are by our Heavenly Father. How in turn we are called to love others.

We have been doing some craft projects to help us to focus on love and what it means. We made stained glass hearts out of crayon shavings and displayed them in the playroom windows.

We mailed Valentines to our friends and family. We then made special handprint Valentines for the grandparents.

Tomorrow he will wake up to a special heart shaped breakfast, get a little Valentine's gift from mom & dad, & we've got some special crafts and baking planned. What do you do to celebrate with your kids?