Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010 in review...

So now that it's already the middle of January I should probably update about Christmas - ha! I am nothing if not consistent :)

We had brunch at my parents on Christmas Eve Day and it was very nice. They let him open one of his gifts that day. It was a dog that laughs and rolls around.

It's actually really funny but Cayden wasn't sure what to think about it at the time.

We went to our church's Christmas Eve service that night. I could just eat him up in this picture. He was so excited. We let him open one gift (jammies) that night and then he decided that he liked the dog that DeeDee and PawPaw had given him that morning. Dogs are definitely more entertaining than jammies.

Collin and I set everything up after he went to bed and it was so much fun! My dad built Cayden this activity table for the playroom and Collin and I bought the chairs. I love the way it turned out! There is a roll of paper that connects to the end and you can roll it across the table. I found it in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and just gave the picture to my dad and he built it. Awesome. We are so blessed by my dad who is so handy.

Christmas morning was so much fun. Cayden was confused about what was going on but was very excited nonetheless! After he saw the table and chairs in the playroom, he ran into the family room and immediately found his horse. Loved it.

It was a sweet morning for sure. Cayden got tons of things and it was so much fun watching him. I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed this year with the gift of a lifetime that I was definitely not expecting. I have some pictures of me opening that gift but I am ugly face crying so I will not scar you by posting those :) I will post more on this later but suffice it to say that I am blessed and extremely thankful.

It was a great day spent honoring the birth of our Savior and I hope the same is true for your family! A lot has happened since Christmas just a few short weeks ago, including my baby turning 2 (Agghhh!), so expect some blog updates soon. Happy New Year!