Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have been wanting to start updating the blog on some of the funny things that Cayden has been saying/doing lately. He is at such a fun age and is constantly making us laugh. I wish I could bottle him up and forever remember this stage of his life. I at least want to attempt to write some things down!

We've taught him to say excuse me after he burps or relieves himself...umm, in some other way...uhummm. The other day, Collin burped and Cayden immediately says, "Scuse me, dada!"

He thinks that everything is either blue or red. You ask him what color something is and he says, "Red blue".

We sadly hit a milestone today - Cayden ate his first booger. I gagged.

Anytime we tell Cayden not to do something, he immediately deflects it onto Ace and starts going, "No, no, Ace!"

He is infatuated with the number 2. Maybe because we hyped up his 2nd birthday so much...I don't know. But everything is 2. We always count the buttons on his shirt when we're getting dressed, (when he's wearing a shirt with buttons) and there's always 2 buttons. Even when there's usually 4.

Anytime he smells anything, be it good or bad, he says "BU!" (he means PU) and starts swaying his hand back and forth in front of his face.

Cayden's favorite book right now is Barnyard Dance and he walks around reciting it all the time. He will say, "Baa, two by two by two". The book goes, "With a baa and a moo and a cockadoodeldoo, everybody promenade two by two."

Cayden has discovered the joy of a good foot massage (thanks to my dad) and the other night when I was putting him to bed, I told him to roll over and I would rub his back. He immediately said, "Toes feet, toes feet!" and kicked his feet in the air motioning for me to rub them instead!

He is repeating everything, EVERYTHING that we say these days. About a month ago, Collin was changing his diaper and made the comment that his diaper had "a lot of peepee" in it. Cayden immediately started saying, "lotta peepee!" and then laughing hysterically. He thinks it's really funny to do this loudly in the grocery store.

There's so many other things but these are the first ones that popped in my mind. I'll have to start writing these things down as I remember them or as they happen because I don't want to forget!