Monday, December 20, 2010

A visit with Santa

Last weekend, we went with the Simpson's to see Santa in downtown Fort Worth. This Santa was a good one - and it only cost $7 for a 4x6 picture and they also used our camera to take a picture. So I have a digital copy and can make as many copies as I want. Way more economical than going to the mall. Anyway - Cayden wasn't excited about the jolly old man and the only way we could get him not to cry was to be in the picture with him.

My two cuties. Don't you just love Cayden's hat?! I could just eat him up in this!

Posing in front of the giant Christmas Tree downtown.

The Simpson's posing in front of the giant tree downtown.

The kids had a blast hanging out downtown. We saw Santa, went to dinner, and then walked around and enjoyed the lights. I just love this time of year and all the fun it brings!