Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

We spent Thanksgiving in Houston this year and had a great time! Collin needed to make a trip to Houston for business reasons so we actually went down there the Sunday before and were able to stay until Saturday. It was nice to be able to spend almost a week there with family. We did lots of fun things - saw friends that we haven't gotten to see in a long time, ate at restaurants that we love, and spent lots of time just hanging out with family. I wish I had taken more pictures. On Wednesday, we took a trip to the Houston zoo and I did actually snap a few pics. They have redone the area around the zoo and we didn't really even recognize it. It was weird to be in an area that we once knew so well (we actually took some of our engagement pictures in that area) and not be able to recognize it. I had forgotten how much I like the Houston zoo.

I love this sweet picture of Cayden and his GG.

Watching the seals with Uncle Nick

Starring at the fishies with cousin Eden

Sweet McKenna and Jillian - they are THE MOST calm tempered, easy babies. I am constantly amazed at their sweet dispositions! They just chilled in the stroller and looked around. Cayden would never have been happy in a stroller for that long when he was 4 months old!

Cayden's face in this picture makes me laugh outloud!

Feeding the goats in the petting zoo.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at my sister-in-law, Carissa's, house. She did a fabulous job hostessing and everyone pitched in to help with the sides. Well, everyone except for me. Ha! Since we were traveling, I didn't really have a way to do much. I was planning to help my mom-in-law do her 3 things and then she whipped it up in advance while Cayden and I were napping one day! I have not done that little to help with a Thanksgiving meal in 10 years! It was a nice day of relaxing with family and some very yummy food.

Aunt Cathy with cutie pie Jillian. Jillian reminds us of Cayden when he was her age. We always talk about how Cayden looks like Collin's Grandad, Ralph, and Jillian tends to favor him too.

Uncle Collin with sleeping McKenna

Sweet Eden - playing blocks. Isn't she just the cutest?!

I did not get one cute picture of Cayden on Thanksgiving and it makes me sad because he looked so cute in his smocked Thanksgiving Jon Jon!

Collin playing with the kids in Eden's room. Eden has taken a major liking to Collin and it's so cute! I think he needs a little girl of his own...eventually! :)

The Friday after Thanksgiving, Cayden started acting like he felt bad but it didn't seem serious or anything - he was still playing and was running no fever. To make a really log story short, we ended up taking him to the Emergency Room in the middle of the night Friday night. He was having coughing fits - horrible sounding coughing, like wheezy barking - and was acting like he was having trouble breathing. Since he has asthma, we didn't want to take any chances. He was diagnosed with croup at the ER and after a breathing treatment, a steroid shot, and some popsicles, we were headed home. He was able to sleep the rest of the night and we made the journey home the next day. It took him a good week to get over the croup and it was NOT a fun week. After some oral steroids prescribed by the pediatrician, a few nights of very little sleep, and a day full of my mom coming over and doing all of our laundry (I love her so), Cayden was over it. It was awful watching him feel so bad. He was sooo tired and just couldn't sleep due to all the coughing. He threw up several times and had to stay off milk products for several days in order to keep things down. I hope that was his last visit from the old croup bug!

Stay tuned because Christmas posts are coming! Can you believe it's only 16 days until Christmas?! Crazy!