Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Favorite Holiday Find

So as I sit here awake at midnight, waiting for my NyQuil to kick in (I have an allergy attack that is trying to wreak havoc on my holiday plans!), I have to tell you about something that I recently discovered that I LOVE! My mother-in-law got me addicted to Williams Sonoma's Spiced Chestnut soap and I love to use in in the fall and throughout Christmas time. But this year, I decided to also pick up some Winter Forest hand & dish soap. I liked it in the store but I liked it even more when I got it home. It's kind of woodsy but not in a masculine way, in a kind of sweet way. It's heavenly... It makes me want to hand wash all my dishes. Well, not quite but it does make hand washing dishes seem like less of a chore.