Saturday, October 30, 2010

Catching up on life - Big Fun Under the Big Top

We have had a great Saturday. We all slept in, ate donuts for breakfast, and have just been hanging out around the house. Collin and Clint went to Pancho's for lunch (gag!) and I've been catching up on craft projects and doing laundry. I think we're going to rent Shutter Island tonight and get ready for tomorrow's festivities. I am so thankful for this relaxing day - we all needed it!

I have totally gotten behind on blogging - what's new, I'm nothing if not consistent :) - so here's my attempt at starting to catch you up on some fun things we've done this month. Be sure to check back because I'm really attempting to get all caught up this next week.

A few weeks ago, courtesy of my rockin' parents, we went to the Circus. We had fabulous seats and to say that Cayden was thrilled would be an understatement. He loved it. He sat with
wide eyes, trying to take it all in the entire time. It was so much fun to watch him. I shared this with my Bible Study girls a few weeks ago, but I actually got a little teary eyed sitting there. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I am one of the most tender hearted people that ever was and as I was sitting there with my parents (whom I thought just a couple of short years ago that I would never live close to again), and my hubby, and my son, I just lost it. God is so good to me. He has given me a life that I don't deserve - one that I am so grateful for. I sat through the circus feeling so blessed and joyful. And watching this little cutie made it so much fun...

Watching the lions with DeeDee

Lovin' the elephants with PawPaw (PawPaw looks like he's lovin' them too...ha!)

First taste of cotton candy. He kept making that fish face - I guess because it was so sweet but he sure did keep asking for more!

It was a great day at the Circus! We thought about letting Cayden ride the elephant but he wouldn't have enjoyed it this year. Maybe next year!

Stay tuned for more updates...