Saturday, October 9, 2010

21 months

My sweet Cayden,

You are 21 months old! You are such a delight in our lives. Daddy and I were just talking last night about how before you were born we tried to imagine what you would be like. What you would look like. What type of disposition you would have. What your little voice would sound like. We never could have imagined in our wildest dreams that you would be as wonderful as you are. God has blessed us immeasurably more than we could have ever asked or imagined. At 21 months, here's what you're up to:

-You love anything to do with puppy dogs. If we're outside and you hear one, you immediately stop what you're doing and start barking back.

-You call yourself Tay Tay and it's pretty cute. Anytime we point to a picture of you and ask you who it is, you say, "Tay Tay".

-You are continually finding more joy about being in the nursery at church.

-You love Ace and you point him out all day long. You point to him and squeal, "Aaaaa!"

-We go to music class one day a week and you aren't terribly sure what to think about it. Your teacher is kind of a goob.

-You talk all the time and repeat most things that we say. You have the cutest little gentle sounding voice. I could listen to you talk all day.

-You and the phrase, "Go to time out" have become well acquainted. You are fast approaching the terrible two's.

-You are still cuddly and we love it so much. Everyone has been telling me for the last year that you will stop anyday now but you haven't yet. You love to give me and daddy hugs (and your "bay-bee's", also known as stuffed animals) and you love cuddling before bed.

-You are really into animal sounds right now. You will do a puppy dog (of course), cat, monkey, cow, bird, duck, elephant, frog, lion (which is funny to hear you do because your "roar" is so sweet and gentle sounding), and sheep but your favorite is a horse. You say "Neeeiiiggghhh" with perfect vibrato and it's really cute. You have a stick horse that makes noise from your Grandad and Mudder and you like to carry it around the house. You don't act like you're riding it, you push it around like your mopping the floor with it and it makes me laugh!

-Momma is still your favorite playmate but wrestle/tickle time with daddy is by far your favorite time of day.

-You are quickly approaching the terrible twos. We know this because your behavior is changing. You are not as easily distracted as you once were and you are throwing more and more screaming fits. Fun times for mom and dad.

-You will sometimes tell us if you go poo poo. If you don't tell us and we can tell by the smell, (and we can ALWAYS tell!) and I ask you if you went, you will say "poo poo".

-And speaking of poo, you find it hilarious when we talk about your business stinking. You laugh and laugh and wave your hand in the air while saying "peuwee, stinky!" You are all boy :)

-You love reading books and pointing and counting the items in the pictures. Sometimes your counting doesn't sound like numbers but you're saying things and pointing like your counting and it's cute. You have a big red chair in your playroom that you curl up and read books in.

-You LOVE to be outside. If we tell you we're going to go outside you run to the door and get so excited. You often cry when it's time to come in.

-Your newest favorite body part to find on yourself and other people is a bellybutton. You think it's fun and appropriate to try and pull mommy's shirt up and point to my bellybutton in public.

-We think you're going to be the type of kid that enjoys and appreciates nature. You love to look up, point out birds and airplanes, and talk about the trees. You want to pick up blades of grass, sticks/twigs, pine bark, rocks, whatever. You would carry it around forever if we let you.

-Food is still your love language but your appetite has recently slowed down. You have decided that most types of meat are gross (except that you ate some pastrami tonight and acted like you liked it - random) and things that you formerly loved, like avocados, you won't touch. You have finally reached the point that you care more about running around and playing than you do about eating. I'm expecting you to slow down in the weight department over the next few months. You weigh around 28 pounds (50%) and are about 34 inches tall (75%).

-You still love playing with balls and tell me that you see a ball whenever you spot anything round.

-You told me that you love me for the first time last night and it was the sweetest thing ever. I was totally fighting back tears. We were brushing your teeth and you were standing on the counter. I kissed your cheek and said, "I love you" and you smiled cheesily, looked at me in the mirror and said, "I lah eww". And then you started laughing hysterically, I think because you were so proud of yourself. We did this about ten more times and I was laughing so hard my face hurt. You are the most precious gift and hearing you tell me that you love me was the best thing ever. And now you won't say it again. Ha! I know you will when you're ready again.

-We turned your car seat around a few weeks ago so you are now facing forward and you enjoy car rides much more now.

-You don't watch much TV but Mickey is your preferred choice when you do.

-You are still wearing some 18 months clothes and are also in some 24 months. You have some precious little fall clothes and I'm so eager to see you in them this fall and winter! Fall clothes for little boys make momma happy :)

-You are the most precious boy and I love you more than words!


*These pictures were taken last week when we went to have lunch with daddy at the Water Gardens.


Sarah said...

Your son is adorable! I love how you describe him. I wish I was as good with detail. It will be great to go back on that and read it later. Your pumpkin patch pictures are great too, we hope to do that soon...