Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet moments from my wknd

This past weekend, our little threesome took an impromptu trip to Canyon Lake, TX with the Simpson's lil' threesome. We did this same thing last September and it was funny recalling all the differences we experienced a year before with an 8 and 9 month old versus this year with a 20 and 21 month old! I was looking forward to the weekend because last week was crazy. Wednesday was an ultra chaotic day for me which included taking my cat to the vet and having to get him put in a plastic box/bubble so that they could sedate him with some gas in order to collect a urine sample without him severely injuring any of their staff. He was less than thrilled to be there to say the least. So while they were doing that, I was in the waiting room with my toddler and my dad (bless his heart for coming with to help me - I would have looked like a circus act trying to juggle my toddler, my 20 lb diaper bag, and my angry cat all by my lonesome). Well, we were in the waiting room until we finally had to go outside so that Cayden could sit in timeout without distractions. Yes, I put my child in timeout at the vets office. Mom of the year for sure. Ha! But I firmly believe the key to discipline is consistency so I'm sticking to it. The vets office took forever because Ace was so "uncooperative" so I rushed home in time to make dinner for one more person than I was expecting and then get out the door to Bible study. It's not great to be late to Bible study especially when you're helping to lead it, but such was my life on Wednesday. Wednesday was also the day that Clint called to tell me that we got the condos and were going THIS weekend. I was shocked but happy to get away amidst the craziness. Thursday contained a lot of laundry & grocery shopping and then Friday morning, we were off to the Hill Country. We probably would have turned Cayden's car seat around to be forward facing if we had had time to breathe before we left. We barely got our bags packed because everything happened so fast! The American Society of Pediatrics recommends that you leave your child rear facing until their 2nd birthday. And we intended to do that. But because we have a bulky carseat and a tall child, that just wasn't practical. His poor legs were squished and he was getting pretty uncomfortable. It made sleeping on car trips difficult for him which equals lots of fussing and crying for mom and dad. So, after we stopped at Schlotzsky's for lunch on Friday, daddy went out and turned his seat around. And this is what we got the second half of the trip.

A very excited little boy. He was pointing and saying, "car!" at all the cars passing by. He loves being able to see out of the front window and know what's going on. Makes car trips more pleasant for everyone!

We made it to Canyon Lake around 4:00 and settled in for a bit. Then, Larissa and I drove to the outlet mall in San Marcos and hit up a few stores. The main place we wanted to go was to the Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma outlet. Collin and I have decided that when we upgrade Cayden's room to a big boy room (I shudder typing that) that we are going with a sports theme. Being married to the athlete that I am, he wanted to do a sports themed nursery but I really wasn't on board with that. So, we compromised on doing it for his big boy room when we convert him from his crib to a toddler bed. I have found what bedding I want to use and was hoping they would have it on sale at the PBK outlet but no such luck. But I did find the below wall art.

It would go really well with the bedding and I think it is adorable. But I'm betting my dad can build this for cheaper than they're asking at the PBK outlet. Dad, whatcha think?! ;)

Ris and I each got some cute things. It seems that once you have kids you never buy anything for yourself anymore. Almost everything I got was for Cayden. I cannot tell you the last time I bought clothes for myself or Collin but Cayden has the cutest wardrobe! He is definitely the best dressed member of our family. Ha! I did get some candles and things from Bath & Body Works and some hand and dish soap from Williams Sonoma. I love that place!

On Saturday I was horrible and didn't take any pictures. The fact that Cayden formed an aversion to his pack & play on Friday night and kept me up for half the night might have something to do with it. But I'm not going to focus on that. We went to The Gristmill for lunch and then came back to the condo and made it inside just as it started to rain. The kids took naps and then we headed over to the Clubhouse for some games and things. I made Mexican food in the room that night and then we played spades. The girls won, as usual :)

Cayden slept much better on Saturday night. We decided to let him sleep with us and even though he's never been a great sleeper with us, it worked. Usually, he's so excited about being in the bed with us that his adrenaline kicks in and he wants to roll, jump, and squeal about. Going to sleep is the last thing on his mind. He had napped late that day so he just stayed up with the adults and played like a sweet boy while we played spades. Then, the three of us went to bed together. After about ten minutes of rubbing his head/face, he went to sleep and we all got a decent amount of sleep. I am hoping we have turned a corner in getting him to sleep with us. I do NOT want this to occur for any reason if we're at home, but it would make things easier when we travel.

On Sunday as we were packing up to leave, the kids watched some Mickey. They look so big sitting on the couch together.

We ate a quick bite before we left and I had to snap a few pictures of the kids eating in their booster seats. I have a picture from last year of them sitting next to one another in their bumbo seats eating. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like Cayden didn't get anything to eat, but he did - I promise!

Cayden was so exhausted that he slept from the time we left the condo (he literally fell asleep about a minute after we pulled out of our parking spot at 2:15) until I woke him up at 5:50. He would have slept all the way home if I had let him! I was afraid he wouldn't go to bed until midnight but even after that long nap, he went to bed at 9:45 and slept all night! I love his sweet sleepy face.

And his wild sleep hair. And the way that his arm is caught in the strap in this picture. And just about everything about this precious little man.

We had a great time and hope that your weekend was great, too!