Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Life Update & our Playroom Addition

If you gathered from a couple of posts ago, our house was struck with yet another stomach bug. I say another because all three of us had one back in May. This time around, Cayden was the only one who caught it. It was a couple days of no fun and quite a lot of Pedialite but thankfully kids bounce back quickly and he got over it almost as quickly as it came on. And praise the Lord it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

We have been staying busy, as usual. Collin and I started volunteering with the college ministry at our church recently. We have committed to being there Sunday mornings, attending activities when we can, and are co-leading Bible studies at TCU on Wednesday evenings. It has been a learning experience for me - in some ways I feel like it hasn't been that long since I was out of college. In other ways, I feel so far removed from that phase of life. I told the girl that I'm co-leading with, "Put me in a room full of kindergarteners and I'm totally comfortable, but in a room full of college students, I'm nervous!" Collin and I began praying a while back for God to show us where He wanted us to be serving in our church and the college pastor contacted Collin the next day asking if we were interested in volunteering. Pretty clear sign to us that this is where we're supposed to be! So, I'm trusting Him and following His lead. I'm blessed to be co-leading the Bible study with a girl who has tons of experience working with Campus Crusade so that's awesome. God is cool like that. I'm nervous and feel totally unqualified for this and he puts me with a seasoned college worker and awesome woman of faith. There are also some neat couples that volunteer and a few of them have boys a little older than Cayden so we're excited to get to know them better and for Cayden to be around some more boys since so many kids he's around are girls!

The annual fall JBF sale is wrapping up right now. If you're not familiar with it, it's a huge baby/kids consignment sale. They sell everything from clothes and shoes to books, puzzles, toys, and baby gear. Literally everything you need as a new mom. They even sell maternity clothes. It's awesome and if you're pregnant or have young kids (like older elementary or middle school and younger), you should TOTALLY check it out! Clint jokes that it's a community wide garage sale and honestly, it kind of is! Ha! If you volunteer, they let you get in early to shop before the sale opens to the public, so Larissa and I volunteered this year. We worked an 8 hour shift last Thursday and then I work another 4 hour shift this Sunday after church. They are open tomorrow and then Saturday is half price day!

We have been living in this house for going on 16 months now and I am no where near done decorating it. Is that normal or terrible? I don't know but it's my reality. The playroom is the only room that was sadly bare until fairly recently. The room that we are calling the playroom is technically the formal dining room in our house and we debated for close to a year about whether we wanted to make it a dining room or a playroom. We finally decided that to keep our family room from looking like toys are about to come busting out of the windows, we will make it a playroom. I have my fingers crossed for a formal dining room in our next house :) So, with that decision made, I began searching for storage systems and cute little play tables and chairs, etc. I found a bookshelf/storage system at Land of Nod that I fell in love with.

Isn't it adorable?! I only had room for one bookcase because the way the room is set up - the above image is two side by side. I am super blessed in the fact that my parents live close and my dad is very handy. He's my own personal Handy Manny. Handy Gary, that should be his new name. So, I showed him a picture and my dad whipped this up.

He's wonderful. The Land of Nod single bankable bookcase costs $400 + tax and a ridiculous shipping fee tacked onto that. My dad built this for about $54 and I painted it for about $20. Awesome. Plus he cut the bottom out to custom fit our crown molding so that we can have it flush against the wall. He also built a way to anchor it to the wall so that Cayden and any future sibling(s) he might have cannot pull it down on themselves. Double awesome. He's the best ;) As you can tell, I'm not done filling it but we're getting there. I love the white above but since we have light walls and carpet and I do not plan on painting in there!, I didn't think the white would look good. I want this room to be fun, bright, and full of primary colors. My dad is also going to build a Pottery Barn Kids table for me to go in here and I want colored chairs to go with it. I hope it turns out as cute as it is in my head!

I found the armoire in the above picture on craigslist for $65 and I got the TV inside of it for free from one of my parents friends daughters who was trying to get rid of some things before she got married. I love good deals and you cannot beat free! We try not to watch too much TV in our house but I wanted to have a TV in here so that when Cayd gets a little bigger he can cuddle up in his big red chair and watch movies. Collin suggested we get some bean bags and put them in here and I love the idea! And please excuse my no pants on child!

I have to share this story about Cayden. He normally doesn't run around in just a t-shirt and diaper, not that there's anything wrong with that, we just don't normally do that. But today he wet the bed during nap time (meaning he peed so much that his poor diaper couldn't handle it!) so I let him just run around in his t-shirt. Shortly after I took the these pictures, he "relieved himself". I heard and smelled it so I had him walk with me into his room to change his diaper. He didn't want to stop playing and go with me so he was fussing as we were holding hands and walking down the hall. All of a sudden, he started laughing. I, totally confused, looked down to find him in only his shirt and a poopy diaper on the floor about two feet behind us. He took his diaper off with his free hand and found it absolutely hilarious! He keeps me on my toes for sure! Thankfully, no carpet was harmed during this incident. :)


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