Friday, August 6, 2010

A years time

This was Cayden exactly one year ago today.

My friend Leslie took these pictures for us on Cayden's 7 month birthday.

He was so little and cuddly! He still had his sweet baby face and those precious baby rolls.

He had recently started sitting up unassisted and wasn't mobile yet.

He would let just about anyone hold him.

What a precious, rollie-pollie, immobile, smiley, thing he was!

And here he is today.

The baby face is gone. His eyes are filled with wonder and curiosity.

He is a walking/running, talking (although most of it we cannot understand) little boy. He is shy but full of personality. And I cannot get him to sit still for 15 seconds to take a picture!

He is all boy. He loves climbing, anything to do with balls, and wrestling with his daddy. And he still cuddles with me. What more could a mama ask for!

He makes the most hilarious noises and faces and is constantly making us laugh!

He is such a blessing and brings more joy to our lives than I will ever be able to express on paper. It makes me wonder what he'll be like one year from today.