Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Four totally unrelated things

Since I haven't blogged much lately and am, for whatever reason, feeling pressured to do so, here's what's going on in our house.

One. For whatever lame brain reason, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to do P90X with Collin. I am kicking myself now for that. Actually, I am way too sore and tired to kick myself. We started the program on Monday so we're only on day three. And it's kicking my rear. Like seriously. I knew that I was out of shape seeing as I haven't been active in....I don't even know how long now. But wow. It's a HUGE commitment too because it takes at least 1 hour (sometimes closer to an hour and a half if you have to do the ab ripper x...ugh) six days a week. I am definitely sore but not to the point of being reeeaaallly sore, like in pain sore, but I feel it coming. I've heard that by tomorrow you're about ready to give up but tomorrow is the yoga and that's supposed to help. We'll see. I am trying to focus on how good I'll feel and all the old clothes I'll be able to fit into by Halloween!

Two. I have been doing Beth Moore's study of Revelation with a sweet group of girls and I am sad that it's almost over. I have learned a lot about a very misunderstood book of the Bible. One of the main things that I remember Beth echoing over and over is, "The way we live our lives matters! IT MATTERS!" If you have the chance to do it, I highly recommend.

Three. Collin is doing really well at work. He came home yesterday with a new blue blazer that his boss bought him. It was one of those fancy schmancy deals where they come to you, take your measurements, and then custom make it. There's a tag inside that says, "Custom made for Collin Day". Ha!

Four. We made a trip this past weekend to Houston to see the twins. They are itty bitty and precious and sleep almost constantly - we hardly saw their eyes open! The pictures don't do justice to how tiny they are.

In the above picture, I am holding Jillian and Collin has McKenna.

Cayd checking out Jillian.

Cayden wasn't too sure what to think about them and most of the time didn't even act like they were there! I thought that he might act jealous that we were holding them but he didn't really care much.

Sweet Jillian - she was released from the NICU on July 27th and is doing wonderful at home. Praise the Lord!

The blessed parents. Doesn't my sis-in-law look fabulous?!? I can hardly believe that she had twins two weeks ago!

You can really tell that they're fraternal. Especially with them side by side. Jillian has lighter skin than McKenna and their facial features and hair are different. And even at this tiny age, you can see personality differences. Amazing.

McKenna Joy - she likes to lay with her head crooked (this pic doesn't show it terribly extreme). It looks so uncomfortable but if you try to move it upright, she'll just tilt it back!

Nick and Carissa think that McKenna looks more like a Vann. And she tends to favor big sister Eden at that age a little more than Jillian does.

Jillian Grace - Nick and Carissa think she looks more like a Day. I managed to catch her with her eyes open! I put my hand in front of her so that you could get an idea of how tiny they are!

This would have been the cutest picture! I was way sad that it's blurry but you can still tell that she was smiling with her eyes open! Precious girl. We were totally bonding here :)

I don't want to leave out Big Sister Eden. She is adjusting to her new role in the family and is going to be a wonderful big sister! Her and Uncle Collin bonded a lot this weekend. I have a feeling that if they got to see each other more often, they would be best of friends.

And here's one of our little monkey just because. We need some boy cousins in this family to even things out! Maybe Aunt Carissa and Uncle Nick will go for #4 and have a boy... One can hope :)


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