Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In an effort to not forget the fun stage of life that we're in with Cayden, I want to write down some of the cute things he's doing these days.

Cayden will be talking about something (incoherent babble) and we'll say, "Really?" And he'll look at us and with proper intonation, he says, "Ree-wee."

He loves to wrestle with his daddy. His favorite game these days is when daddy crawls around chasing him, trying to get Cayd's feet. For some reason, he LOVES it. Laughs so hard he can hardly breathe.

Cayd went through a phase recently, and is kind of still in it, where he puts an "a" before whatever word he is saying. A ball, a moon, a boat, a milk, etc. It's cute!

He loves it when we sing to him and he claps for us and says "Yeeeeeeey" afterwards. Precious.

Like all toddlers, "uh oh" is a big part of his vocabulary. But Cayden also says, "Ohhhh nooooo." I have been told someone in our house says that frequently. I have no idea who that might be :)

He runs around the house with his belly poked out and swings his right arm back and forth and it's the cutest thing! Not sure why he swings his arm but it makes us both laugh!

He tries to get random people's attention at the most inopportune times. He has a variety of ways that he tries to do this but the main way he uses is through his facial expressions. Like at church last Sunday - he was sitting in my lap at a round table full of college girls. Collin and I have recently started helping with the college ministry at our church and Cayden was in there with us last week. I couldn't see his face as he was sitting in my lap, but Collin could see his face from the table of college guys that he was sitting at several feet away. Cayden was trying to get the attention of the girl sitting to our left and was making the craziest faces at her. Collin's example of what Cayden was doing almost made me pee my pants, I laughed so hard! Thank goodness the girl sitting to my left wasn't paying attention to him at that moment - there's no telling what she would have thought! Ha!

He calls all of his stuffed animals babies ("bay-bee"), and is very gentle and sweet with them.

He loves giving Eskimo kisses. And he loves touching my face. We rub his face gently with our finger tips and he LOVES it. It's a very calming effect for him. He's recently started trying to do it back to me after I do it to him. And he'll get right up in my face and then start laughing. I could just eat that little cutie up!

I am blessed beyond words to be his momma!