Saturday, July 3, 2010

How is it July already?!?

Seriously. I love the summer and it's going by way too fast. We have had a pretty exciting week around our house. First of all, Collin passed his Series 66 licensing exam yesterday. Praise Jesus for this not only because it's good for his career but also because I have basically been a single mom for the past two weeks while he has been studying and am SO glad to be a two parent household again! I have a ton of respect for single's a tough job! And I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. I cannot imagine working all day and then being a single parent by night. Anyway, back to my story. Cayd and I have missed Collin like crazy and it's really nice to have him back to his normal stress-free self. Collin has been studying for the past couple of weeks so his time spent with Cayden has been a lot less than normal. He pretty much locked himself in our study unless he was eating or sleeping. Last night, the boys spent a lot of time wrestling and playing together, making up for lost time. There is no sweeter sound in my house than to hear them playing together. It usually involves a lot of precious laughs from Cayden, which definitely adds to the sweetness. We are very proud of Collin for passing this exam. It now means that he is a Registered IAR (he's told me what that stands for more than once but I've forgotten again...). His boss also told him that, as a reward for passing, he'll take us (us meaning Collin and myself) to Del Frisco's for dinner along with his wife and another couple in the office. We are waiting on the other guy to pass his test but after he does, we should all get to go! I've never been there and am excited about that! I think I might need a new dress... :)

And if the tension of Collin's upcoming exam wasn't enough, we've also been on pins and needles this week awaiting the birth of our twin nieces. Collin's sister, Carissa, was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday night (at 33 weeks, 3 days pregnant) with contractions and dilated to a 2. At some points, it looked like the twins might be making their debut and then something would happen to make us think otherwise. After three days of that, they finally were released yesterday afternoon to wait it out at home. The doctor doesn't want to do the c-section unless Carissa goes into labor on her own or starts progressing more. She never dilated any further and the contractions would be consistent for a while and then begin to be random. The girls did drop lower while she was in the hospital and the doctor thinks it will be any day now. I joked with my brother-in-law last night that if they're born on July 4th, Baby B (who they were having trouble coming up with a middle name for) could have a middle name like Liberty, Independence, or Americus (like that movie...cannot think of the name of it now. The one where Natalie Portman lives in a WalMart for a while). Ha! Seriously, though, we are SO excited about these new little sweethearts entering into the family. Collin's sister and her family are in Houston (with the rest of Collin's family) and we hate being so far away from them. We hate it all the time because we miss them but we really hate it when things like this are going on! Although there's nothing we could do, you just want to be there, ya know? Please remember the Vann family as they get ready to transition from a family of three to a family of five. Prayers for safe delivery, healthy babies, and a smooth transition for big sister Eden are especially appreciated.

And because I said that I would post some pictures of my child's sad haircut, here you go:

I know this picture is blurry but in typical toddler fashion, I couldn't get him to hold still. It's cut in the back to be about 3/4 of an inch above his natural hair line. And one side is higher than the other. The pictures don't do it justice. She butchered it.

You cannot tell from the front and thankfully his hair grows fast so I'm hoping in the next couple weeks you won't be able to tell at all. We are normally a baseball cap wearing family but the back of Cayden's hair is keeping me from putting a baseball cap on him. We don't want to draw attention to the neckline!