Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Fun

This fourth of July weekend was especially nice for us. The normal fourth of July activities were fun like always (visiting with friends and family, playing volleyball, eating some great foods, etc...) but this year I think we appreciated it a little more because Collin was able to enjoy it after his two week lock-up in our study! Sunday morning, we went to church, came home and took naps, and then headed over to the Gaston's where we did all the aforementioned things. I had been giving Cayden one albuterol treatment daily because he had a nasty cough and it was keeping him from sleeping. We gave him a treatment right before we left for the Gaston's house and made him crazy! My heart goes out to all the mama's out there who have super energetic children. My normally laid-back boy was a ball of energy that afternoon/evening and it totally wore me out! That evening we loaded up and went out to Granbury (like we do every year) to watch the big fireworks show they put on over the lake. I was kind of a camera loser this holiday, but here are a few of the pictures we snapped.

Maylee playing with one of her favorite people - her cousin Kyle.
We tried to get a picture of them together before we sun went down but they weren't terribly cooperative!

It worked a little better in mommy's lap. Notice that both kiddos have food in their mouths - hey, whatever works, right?!

Cayden showing Katie his soccer moves.

Cayden kept walking away from us and over to where other groups of people were sitting and we kept having to go get him. At least it seems like his shyness is starting to fade!

Patiently, or not so patiently as the case may be, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Watching fireworks

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend celebrating our independence and freedom! My sweet boy turned 18 months yesterday so I'll be posting about that soon.