Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 1/2 years

I can hardly believe it. Cayden turned 18 months last week and with this milestone has come a little sappiness from this momma. I know that at 12 months, he officially became a toddler. But in my mind, somehow 18 months seems much more of a toddler. All of his little baby features are gone and instead, they have been replaced with little boy features. He is this little semi-functioning person, running around and talking up a storm. I am trying to soak in this time the best I can.

My darling Cayden,

It seems surreal that you are a year and a half. Here are some things that you are up to at 18 months.

-You weigh 25 lbs, 11 oz's (50th percentile) and are 33 inches tall (75th percentile).
-You LOVE being outside. You will go stand at the door and try your best to open it, although you're not quite there yet (hopefully we're a while from that milestone!).
-You still enjoy mealtime but just in the last week you have started becoming a little picky. In the last week, you have refused to eat fish, squash, and chicken - all things that you previously loved. I'm hoping it's just a phase.
-You are still a momma's boy through and through and I LOVE it!!
-You get excited to hold my hand and it makes my heart melt.
-Your favorite thing in our backyard is the slide. Once you slide down, you immediately try to climb back up to slide down again.
-When you give daddy & I hugs, you say, "Ohhh" like you're relishing in the hug and it's totally precious.
-You usually wake up very happy and will talk to yourself in your bed for a long time.
-You love running errands.
-You really like to read books.
-You are strong-willed and express your opinion daily. Often in the form of temper-tantrums.
-You have 8 teeth that are poking all the way through and a couple more that are partially through. Molars have been hard on you :(
-You talk a lot. And you leave the last syllable off a lot of words that you say. Your favorite words are: ball, mama, milk, book, bath, Ace, baby, & more (the word "more" not just more words :).
-You hate to have your diaper changed first thing in the morning but usually I can sing the Chinese Restaurant song to you and you laugh.
-You have developed this toothy smile - not toothy like a baby, but toothy like a little boy - and when you do it, I get glimpses into what you will look like in a few years. You are adorable!
-You LOVE balls. You are such a boy and daddy and I are so glad about that!
-You are starting to protest wearing hats and it makes me sad.
-You take a 2-3 hour nap everyday. I am thankful that you're such a good napper!
-You are very slowly learning to enjoy the nursery at church. I'm hoping in the next six months to make a lot of improvements in that area.
-Your favorite things to eat are yogurt and honey sticks.
-You are very ticklish. You have recently started saying, "Tickle, tickle, tickle".
-You are still very cuddly and I love it more than I can express. I could snuggle with you forever.
-Your favorite game is chase. You could play with daddy forever.
-You love all of your babies that sleep with you but you have a yellow lamb that plays Jesus Loves Me that you adore. Everytime you see it, you say, "Ohhh, BC!" and give it a big hug. Not sure what you're saying but it's cute!
-You fall down a lot. Dr. Ben assures me that it's normal at this age but I'm starting to wonder if you're going to be clumsy!
-You have an infectious laugh.
-You swing your right arm when you walk sometimes and it's really cute. Daddy especially likes it when you do this.

You have brought so much sunshine into our lives sweetheart! We are so proud to be your parents and are enjoying this stage of your little life so much.

Love you to the moon and back,