Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Town Called Bean - Vacation 2010, Part 1

We are finally getting around to posting some pics from our trip. We are diving this post up because there are lots of pics and it would be realllllly long.

Clint drove us to the airport on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 18th. Leaving Cayden was harder than we even expected. Kristin teared up twice but once we were in the car and away from the house, the excitement set in. We knew he was in great hands with her parents and we were ready to enjoy some time together.

The view taking off from Dallas. (Sidenote from Kristin: I hate flying and was crazy nervous. We took off and landed 3 times (we stopped in Kansas City and then had a layover in Chicago) on Tuesday so by the time we got to Boston I was feeling quite a bit more comfortable about flying. We hit some rain coming into Boston and hit some turbulance so that was a little scary for me, though. I was VERY glad to finally land!)

We arrived in Boston at around midnight eastern time. It was raining and cold (about 43 degrees). (Sidenote from Kristin: Since it had been raining for a while, the floor in the airport was wet. I had worn flip flops on the plane and as we neared baggage claim, I slipped on the wet floor and totally ate it in front of everyone who was on our plane. Totally embarrassing, right?! At least it wasn't in front of people that I will have to see again! The really stinky thing is that I totally banged up my knee and had trouble walking on my right leg after I did it. Thankfully my knee got better over the next few days which was a great thing because we did a lot of walking on this vacation!). By the time we got a cab (a Russian Bostonian, interesting experience) and made it to our hotel room, it was about 1:30 AM.

This is a view from our hotel room. That's right, they built this baby over the Mass Turnpike. Smart, huh? Suffice it to say that rush hour was my alarm clock.

Here is a small shot of the room we were in. The brochure said "40 inch flat panel". Should have said "Old School Zenith with N64 Remote". It was not the nice hotel we were expecting. Actually, one of the women helping put the conference together apologized for the accommodations. We weren't having to pay for it though so we weren't complaining!

We slept in on Wednesday morning (or tried to) and then went down to get breakfast. (Sidenote from Kristin: You know how in Texas at hotels, there's always a complimentary continental breakfast. Or at least cereal, toast, bagels, something. Well, we expected the same thing here and were disappointed - and a little surprised - to learn that the only things complimentary were the orange juice and coffee. Neat. I had a $5 bagel with cream cheese. This was our first experience of many to convince us that things really do cost more in the northeast!)

I had my seminar from noon 'til about 4:00 so that night Kristin and I hit the town.

We took a bus to historic downtown Boston.

This is the financial district. Cool for me to come here considering a lot of the companies we do business with have their headquarters down here.

We were amazed at how beautiful it is. Everywhere you look are these tall, amazing buildings which are all so historically preserved. Some are newer buildings but a lot of them are really old.

There's no CVS on a corner anywhere - everything is in one of these beautiful buildings.

Here is an example of some of the historic architecture that has been preserved.

This is Long Wharf. A few piers down is where the Boston Tea Party is supposed to have taken place.

Where we ate dinner.
Our dinner at Legal Sea Foods. We shared a bowl of their famous clam chowder. Their chowder has been used at the presidential inauguration dinner since the late 1800's. Kristin had salmon and I had baked clams. And yes, they were very good. (Sidenote from Kristin: Our waitress had the thickest most hilarious Boston accent. I had to send my salmon back because it wasn't cooked enough (I HATE to be one of those people but it was pretty raw and I couldn't handle it!) and after the chef brought it back out to me, our waitress came over and asked me if it was "Bettah?" in her awesome accent and I literally had to pinch myself from cracking up.)

After dinner, we walked around the North End.

On Thursday, I had a seminar from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. As soon as I got out and changed clothes, we were off to the Red Sox game. They were playing the Minnesota Twins and it turned out to be an awesome experience.

The famous Red Sox players.

They block off each side of the street surrounding the stadium and it's almost like a big tailgate party. There are shops, where we got Cayden a Red Sox tee, all kinds of food, and entertainment. It was cool to be at a game where people really get into it.

Some dude there had really long legs.....or stilts.

A brass band outside the park.

This is where they used to sell tickets.

World Series Insignia. I hope Minute Maid looks like this someday.

Say hello to my lil' friend - the Green Monster.

This door is somewhat legendary at Fenway.

Soft serve in a plastic hat at Fenway - sublime.

Kevin Youkilis (sidenote from Kristin: Whenever he gets up to bat, everyone at the game yells "Yoooouuuuukkkkk" in a deep voice and it sounds like booing. I was so glad that Collin told me that they did this before we got there because I know I would have been wondering why everyone was booing their own player!).

This is probably my favorite shot we got of the park that night. It was phenomenal being in a park that's been around since 1903.

Dustin Pedroia

It was amazing being at this game! Friday morning came early and I was in a seminar until about 10:00 AM. After that, we packed up, took a cab to the bus stop, and headed over to NYC. That post is coming soon so stay tuned!