Friday, June 25, 2010

My New Years Resolution in June

So I know that coming up with a New Years Resolution after the year is no longer "new" and is technically almost half way over (am I the only one to whom that seems crazy?!) is probably against the rules or whatever, but I'm doing it anyway. We'll call it my Second Half of the New Year Resolution. And it is:

I vow to not take Cayden to get a professionally done haircut for the remainder of the year.

He had one today - the third one of his little life. And the worst experience yet. Which is saying A LOT because the last one was no walk in the park. My mom came with me today and got to experience it and she backs up my Second Half of the New Year Resolution wholeheartedly. I dread it like crazy and stress about it during and after and Cayden has a really rough time with's just not worth it.

I am going to go to Sally's and get a good pair of hair cutting scissors and some clippers and I will do it myself. It cannot be that hard, right? He won't like it but it won't be the disastrous event that it is at Cool Cuts for Kids. And when he's a little older, we can try the whole haircut experience again if we want to.

The icing on the cake is that I didn't notice until we got outside and I put him in his car seat, the girl did a bad job. The back of his hair looks ridiculous. She clipped it too short and it looks really silly. I would post a picture of it but he was still in a foul mood when we got home and in desperate need of a nap so he's sleeping it off right now. I will post a pic soon. Thankfully his hair grows quickly so in a couple weeks it should look normal. I wish I had noticed it in the place...I had a coupon for $3 off that I didn't use because I felt so terrible for subjecting this poor girl to my screaming (and kicking and punching and...) child. I felt guilty to use a coupon when my kid had such a difficult time. And then I get out to the car and find that half an inch of my child's scalp is showing because she cut his hair above his hairline! Oh well. In her defense, Cayden made it extremely difficult. And on the brightside, it'll take longer before I will have to mess with clipping the back! I'm going to look at my new resolution as a way to save money too. Because $18 (plus tip, which I usually tip good because I feel bad for how Cayden handled the experience) for a child's haircut is pretty ridiculous, especially when it's a bad haircut!

So, if a few months down the road time has helped to heal this wound, I discover that I stink at cutting hair, and get sick of little boy's shaggy 'do or I lose my mind and say something about taking Cayden to get a haircut, please stop me. Now I'm going to go lay in my bed and eat some Nilla Wafers while watching CSI and try to destress. I also met with our insurance lady this morning to reevaluate our life insurance needs, which is never fun, so it's been a rather stressful day so far!


Amy G said...

We took Lincoln there and agree that it is too expensive for a boys haircut that takes 7 minutes. I cut it myself last time after I watched her do it. He doesn't seem to mind the place, but I feel better when I have done it myself, I know you can do it too!