Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update in pictures

We have had a busy several weeks around the Day household, thus my lack of blogging. March flew by and was jammed packed full of fun things and April is passing just as quickly! Here are a few of the highlights over the last several weeks...

I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss with the love of my life on March 11th.

I helped host a shower for this sweet girl (Ashleigh Gaston) at my house on March 13th. She is getting married in June and we are so excited for her big day!!

Cayden has become fascinated with the piano. He's pretty gentle with the keys too and it's really sweet.

Cayden with some friends on St. Patrick's Day

Collin's sister and her family came to stay with us one weekend in March. Their daughter Eden is 8 months older than Cayden - aren't they sweet playing together?!

Isn't she beautiful?! She has the cutest little squeaky voice, too!

Cayden got his oh-so traumatic haircut towards the end of the month. I blogged quickly about that already but wanted to post another pic here. I love his cool guy big boy hair so much!

We did a little Easter egg hunt for Cayden in the backyard the day before Easter. His basket was almost too big for him this year!

He caught on really quickly to picking up the eggs but wanted to play with them instead of put them in his basket! I think next year the concept will be a little more fun for him but at least we made some sweet family memories this year!

Can you tell that he had recently woken up from a nap?! It takes the boy a good hour before the sleepy face is gone. Ha!

I love this photo - he was looking up at Collin :)

He looks like such a big boy putting the eggs in his basket! When did my little baby get so big?!?

Cayden with his best gal pal Maylee Easter morning. Don't you just want to squeeze them in their matching outfits?! Maylee was all smiles, Cayden...not so much. We were coming off a rough night and were all a little out of sorts that day. We're hoping to get their picture in these sweet clothes again soon.

This is all Cayden wanted to do...

After church we went home to take naps and then head over to DeeDee & PawPaw's for dinner. Cayden slept for 3 hours!!

And even at my parents house he looked/acted tired!

Checking out his Easter loot

I feel like this is a perfect representation of our Easter. Nothing went as planned and Cayden was cranky most of the day. We never got a really good picture of the three of us, either.

He at least semi-cooperated long enough for us to get this decent shot with my parents.

Then this past weekend (April 9-11) we went to Houston to visit Collin's side of the family. We made arrangements to have family pictures done in Bryan with a local photographer there on our drive through. Above is the teaser shot that he posted the day after. Cayden totally had a saggy diaper here but hey-what can I say?!? It's real life! We won't get to see the rest of them for a couple weeks.

Watching Mickey with Papa D on Saturday morning.

I love this sweet picture of Cayden with his GG.

Playing the piano at GG & Papa D's house. I love his little legs dangling!

Right before we left Houston on Sunday.

We stopped outside College Station for a potty break and to take some quick pics in the bluebonnets.

We have a lot going on that does not correspond with any pictures so I'll update about all that soon enough. It took me forever to get all these pictures in order!!