Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to your family from ours!

As you can probably tell, Cayden was not quite the smiley happy baby that we were hoping for this Easter morning. This thumb sucking picture was the best that we could do. Thanks to good ol' albuterol, the poor boy was up until midnight and as a result, was not so happy this morning. He apparently cried the entire time in the nursery and wasn't very cooperative when it came picture taking time after church. Such is life, though. Things rarely seem to go the way I plan them these days, most people probably feel that way. I'm trying to get better about "rolling with the punches". As a perfectionist, that's not one of my strong suits! Anyway, our little fussypants has been napping for almost 3 hours now and as soon as he wakes up, we're headed over to my parents for Easter dinner. We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Living King!!

And I cannot help but post this picture from last Easter. My what a difference a year makes!