Thursday, March 25, 2010

A big boy haircut

This is going to be short and sweet seeing as I've been up since 5 with a sick toddler and since he's now snoozin' this mama is about to do the same! But...I had to post these quick pics of Cayden with his big boy haircut. Here's the before:

Shaggy. And a bit mulletesque. Sad, but true. Here's the after:

Little man got this new 'do on Tuesday. What do you think? I love it!! He looks like such a little toddler now. Makes me a little sad but he looks so cute that I'm getting over it :) To describe the haircut experience as HORRIFIC is a complete understatement. It was my most-embarrassing-moment-that-did-not-include-bodily-functions-as-a-mom-to-date. He screamed bloody murder the entire time. And of course the place was packed. PACKED. But, the result is totally adorable. Although I think next time he needs a haircut I'll have Collin take him!