Thursday, March 25, 2010

A big boy haircut

This is going to be short and sweet seeing as I've been up since 5 with a sick toddler and since he's now snoozin' this mama is about to do the same! But...I had to post these quick pics of Cayden with his big boy haircut. Here's the before:

Shaggy. And a bit mulletesque. Sad, but true. Here's the after:

Little man got this new 'do on Tuesday. What do you think? I love it!! He looks like such a little toddler now. Makes me a little sad but he looks so cute that I'm getting over it :) To describe the haircut experience as HORRIFIC is a complete understatement. It was my most-embarrassing-moment-that-did-not-include-bodily-functions-as-a-mom-to-date. He screamed bloody murder the entire time. And of course the place was packed. PACKED. But, the result is totally adorable. Although I think next time he needs a haircut I'll have Collin take him!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wishing I was here...

As I sit here typing this, I am starring out the window at a cloudy, dreary day and longing to be here.

In Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Well, I would take anywhere tropical really. Actually, Fiji is my first choice but that's neither here nor there. But Riviera Maya is where these picture were taken. I was there just 4 years ago honeymooning with the love of my life...

Eating by candlelight on the beach with a saxophone player in the background. (They play this up like it's a big deal, which it was nice, but then later that night we got crazy sick from the food and were stuck in our room all day the next day feeling yucky. Never fun but definitely not fun on your honeymoon. That part definitely wasn't in the brochure!)

I also wouldn't mind being that tan again. Ha! Where would you go if you could take off for a week?!?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome sunshine & the worst public bathroom diaper change ever

The past couple of days have been gorgeous in north Texas and the little man and I have taken full advantage of it and spent some quality time outdoors. He loves being outside and so do I! I am really looking forward to this spring and summer after being indoors all winter.

This face totally makes me laugh. I caught him talking to the waterfall but this expression is priceless.

This is the silly face that he's started making recently.

Collin met us at the park when he got off work. He pulled up about 30 seconds after a very sketchy man came over to Cayd and I wanting to take our picture. It was a 'dad to the rescue moment' for sure. I will not be going back to the park by myself anymore!

The expression on his face here cracks me up! The following pictures were taken this afternoon.

As far as life around our house, we have done a decent job with keeping sickness at bay. Collin had a bout with a sinus infection a little over a week ago but he got a steroid shot and was put on antibiotics pretty early on so it never got too bad. Thankfully Cayden didn’t get it again. He has not had a cold for about a month and a half now and it’s been GREAT!

Speaking of Cayden, he is turning into such a little sweetie. He’s always been sweet but lately he’s been extra joyful and affectionate. He comes up and hugs me for no reason and laughs the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard just because I smile at him. The other night I was putting him to bed and he got so tickled that he couldn’t stop laughing and we sat in his glider laughing at one another for about 10 minutes for no reason at all. I finally had to call Collin in there because it was so stinkin’ funny. My mouth hurt the rest of the night from smiling but it was SO worth it. This precious behavior has been a welcome change to the evil child that I felt like took over my little boy’s body last week. He cut his seventh tooth and I think that’s what put him in such a sour mood but man oh man… He was clingy and fussy and threw several temper-tantrums where he would lay on his belly with his face down, kicking and screaming (and I mean, LOUD…the child can scream). It was awful and had me very worried that we were headed down a long, weary road but once his tooth finally broke through, he’s been a totally different child. It’s weird because in the past his teeth haven’t really bothered him but this one sure did. I was so relieved after that behavior was over. I’m not in denial and am totally expecting that kind of behavior from him, just not quite this early. He’s also really trying to talk. He knows what lots of objects are tries to say them – “boo” for book, “bah” for balloon, etc. We catch him talking to his toys all the time and his invented language is so cute! The other day, Collin caught him talking to a plastic vegetable in one hand, then turned to the plastic egg in his other hand and said something, and then started laughing like the egg told him a joke! We are thoroughly enjoying this stage of his little life. He is such a joy!

WARNING: The below story has a somewhat vivid description of a child's diaper so if you just ate or have a particularly sensitive stomach, you might proceed with caution.

My dad was ordained as a deacon at church on February 21st. It was a very special night and we were/are very proud of him. He and my mom both spoke in front of their church and did a great job. The event in itself was very memorable but Cayden added to the experience and I can say with confidence that I will remember that night for a long time to come. My mom will too. Here’s the short version. We went to eat at Olive Garden with a group of people afterwards. Cayden wasn’t in a great mood which I thought was weird because he’d had a great afternoon nap. Half way through eating our meals, Collin motions to me that Cayden smells so I lean over and sure enough, it’s a stinker. I had a feeling that it was a bad one so I asked my mom to tag along to the bathroom for a diaper change. As soon as she picked him up, Collin noticed that Cayden’s high chair cover had “liquid” on it and my mom said something along the lines of, “My hand is wet…” We rushed to the bathroom and oh my goodness…it was bad. So incredibly bad. It had shot down the legs and up the stomach. It hadn’t been very visible because he was wearing a sweater but once we started taking his clothes off, oh my… We took a sock off and diarrhea went flying all over the floor. He was covered in it. My mom had to literally wash Cayden’s clothes out in the sink (even though she joked about throwing them away because it was so bad!) while I basically bathed him in the other sink. The people that came in to use the bathroom were in for a rude awakening. There was diarrhea on the floor, on the counter, in the sink, not to mention a naked baby covered in poop…it smelled awful. It was completely embarrassing and gross and I would like to forget it ever happened. I told Collin on the way home that I shouldn’t have to change any diapers for the rest of the week. Thank goodness I asked my mom to go with me. I cannot imagine trying to do that by myself! I know I’ll laugh about this someday, but that day is not yet :) Maybe it will give someone else a chuckle, though!