Thursday, February 4, 2010

My baby is 1...

So I'm choosing to ignore the fact that my baby will be 13 months in 2 days and I'm just now posting about the fact that he turned 1 year old last month. Just in case you were wondering...

Since Cayden's birthday fell on a weekday this year (Wednesday) and we couldn't celebrate with daddy until that night, we met my mom for lunch at Jason's Deli. We had a nice long lunch and Cayden thoroughly enjoyed being with DeeDee (he LOVES her) and the frozen yogurt. He's a boy after my own heart because I often want to go to Jason's simply for the frozen yogurt. It's the best! And fat least I think it's fat free. If it's not, don't tell me. Ignorance is bliss.

After lunch, we took Cayden to have his hair cut. His birthday party was Saturday and the child was looking mighty shaggy (not to mention that a couple of people confused him for a girl in previous weeks so I knew it was time). You might be thinking that I'm a mean mom for making him get a hair cut on his birthday but I honestly didn't think it was going to be that bad. He's a pretty laid back kid, granted he does have quite the temper when he gets upset, but I figured we'd be able to distract him enough that it wouldn't be the horrible experience I've heard about from other parents. I took these pictures at lunch to document how long his hair was. Looking at the picture of the back of it is crazy! It was SO long.

We got there and it wasn't crowded (2:00 on a Wednesday, I didn't think it would be but that somehow made me feel better because for whatever reason, I was a tad bit nervous. A stranger holding scissors near my child's head wasn't sitting well with me...color me paranoid, I guess) and we got him all set up in a taxi cab chair with a movie in front of him. This is a haircut place for kids so it's all decked out with children inspired paraphernalia.

The lady put the cape around him and started running her fingers through his hair.

He sat there inspecting the chair, not too sure about what was going on but doing fine.

She handed him a toy to distract him for what was coming next...

She started wetting his hair. He was doing fine. Looking at me cautiously but no tears. He wasn't terribly interested in the movie, just at what was going on around him. But he was hanging in there. No crying. I was having glorious mommy thoughts like, "He is doing so great. What a big boy! I am so proud..."

Then she got the scissors out and it immediately went downhill. Fast. He started screaming almost as soon as she started cutting. Not crying, screaming. Like 'someone is trying to kill me and my mom is standing here watching it happen' screaming. It was awful.

The screaming didn't stop until she finished. I think we might have set a new record for the fastest haircut ever.

I wasn't terribly impressed with the girl that did it but I definitely don't think I could have done any better with a screaming child. I'm probably going to ask around for a name and request someone next time we go in, though. The girl was gracious about my screaming banshee, though, and after I paid the bill, I felt even better about the situation because it's kinda pricey for a kids haircut! Made me feel not quite so bad that she had to deal with us :-)

We ran some other errands that day and then spent some sweet time as a family that night. In all honesty, Collin and I both were pretty emotional about this milestone in our little guys life and the time that we spent together that night as a family of three was priceless. All the time I spend with my boys is priceless to me, but that night was extra special.

Cayden as he watches daddy bringing his birthday present out. We got him one of those anywhere chairs from Pottery Barn Kids.

He loved it! He immediately crawled over to it and climbed in.

It was a sweet day and although Cayden was traumatized from his haircut, he's only 1 and bounced back quickly! Collin and I each wrote him a letter on his birthday, a tradition in which we plan to keep going as long as we're alive and able, and I think that will be something he'll cherish when he gets older. At least I hope he does! I will post about his party soon but not right now, rearranging all these pictures in chronological order was annoying and I don't have the patience to sit here and do it with a million more from his birthday party! So, stay tuned for that! I promise to do it before another month goes by :)