Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010: Year of the Sickies?

I hope the last several weeks are not indicative of what's to come the rest of the year. We have spent the last 5-6 weeks with someone in our house just about constantly sick. Between sinus infections, stomach bugs, upper respiratory yuckiness, and asthma problems, we have kept Walgreen's and our respective doctor's offices hopping. This up and down weather has wreaked havoc on us and I cannot remember a season where I have longed for warmer consistent weather more than this year. Is it just us or has your family been dealing with some of the same problems? I am almost over the sinus infection that I have had over the last week and then I'm crossing my fingers that we can all stay well into spring! I hope I didn't just jinx myself by writing that ;)

While either Collin or I have been recuperating from a bout with something, we've managed to squeeze a few fun activities in. A few weeks ago, my mom and I took Cayden to the stockshow. We missed Collin being with us but we went on a Friday and he was at work. While Cayden's still pretty young to really enjoy it, I think he had a nice time. One thing's for sure, he looked SUPER cute in his cowboy getup!

Getting ready to leave the house - I love this picture!

Isn't his cowboy hat precious?! My mom got that for him and I LOVE it!

We were looking at the roosters. He was okay with them until they cock-a-doodled for about the sixth time in a row and he'd had enough!

Cutest cowboy ever!

The above picture has nothing to do with the stock show other than it was taken later that evening. I just think Cayden looks like such a big boy here! It's hard to believe how fast he's turning from a baby into a little boy!

I will close with a few more pictures of my little sweetie. I hope that your family's not experiencing sickness like we have. Here's to a healthy remainder of 2010!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day 2010

February 11, 2010 will go down in Fort Worth history as the day that we got a foot of snow. This is the most snow that this area has seen in a loooong time. We (don't you love how I say "we", like I had anything to do with it!) broke all sorts of records and I feel confident saying that this is the most snow we will see in Fort Worth, Texas in our lifetime. While I am still recuperating from being sick (yet again...ugh), we couldn't pass up the opportunity to play in the snow! We bundled Cayden and ourselves up and had a blast yesterday goofing around in the "frozen tundra", as Collin calls it.

Cayden wasn't too sure what to think about everything being so white. He generally likes the cold weather but he didn't want to touch the snow.

Meet Produce Bob. He has cherry eyes and buttons, a carrot nose, and a green bean mouth.

Cayden seeing Bob for the first time.

Collin going out to check the mail. This was taken on the morning of February 11th. Keep in mind that it kept snowing literally ALL day yesterday so the amount of snow on the ground in this picture is nothing compared to what we ended up with later on yesterday.

After a few hours, Bob needed a face lift. He never quite looked the same after (apparently it works the same with snowmen as with humans) but at least his eyes were back in his head instead of on the ground in front of him!

When Cayd woke up from his morning nap, we got him bundled up again and came out to play!

After Cayden went down for his second nap, Collin and I went out and had a snowball fight and made snow angels in the backyard. We had a blast playing together in the winter wonderland that was in our backyard! The snow was still falling (it fell until around midnight last night, I think) and all the fresh powder was really soft to fall in!

The following pictures were taken this morning, February 12th.

Our patio furniture

Collin's foot in the snow. You cannot really tell here, but his foot sunk down 12 inches!

We just happened to be outside this morning when a FedEx man got stuck in the snow right in front of our house. We got a shovel and helped him get out. I feel sorry for people whose jobs depend on being out on the roads on days like this.

The neighbors next to us used rulers for arms on their snowman. Ha!

Some teenagers in our neighborhood were building an igloo! They were also having a snowball fight with some other kids from across the street. So fun!

After he woke from his nap this morning, we waited patiently for daddy to finish building the snow slide so we could go back out and play some more!

He liked it but we figured out later that his wind pants didn't really do their job of keeping his legs dry because when I changed him after we came in, his baby legs under his pants were damp and his little legs were freezing. Poor baby! So, we think that's why he wasn't laughing like he normally would. He definitely enjoyed himself, though! Collin worked hard shoveling snow to build that slide for our sweet boy. What a good dad!


After running around in the snow for a while, Collin decided that he wanted to try the snow slide. This video is kinda long and silly, but it makes us laugh! Pay special attention to the back of Collin's pants...ha!


Here's the Produce Family. This picture was taken this afternoon and as you can tell, they are in rough shape! Bobs head fell off completely and Lula and Bobby are missing all sorts of their facial features. Here's a quick video of them.


We've thoroughly enjoyed the snow and while my house has been neglected the past 36 hours and I've probably set my recovery back a couple of days, it was totally worth it to enjoy what the Lord has blessed us with. I saw on one of my facebook friends status updates several days ago that she was praying for big flakes when the snow came. The Lord definitely answered her prayer. We had huge flakes and it was beautiful. Thank You Lord for Your beautiful creation and for the sweet family that I get to enjoy it with!