Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second Sweetest Name I Know

My sweet babe is sick. It seems to be just a cold (praise the Lord!) but we are staying home and taking it easy none the less. The second cold of his little life has been accompanied by his third tooth and it has made for a rough week around the Day household. He has actually been a trooper and since the tooth finally broke through yesterday and today is day 4 of the cold, I'm hoping we've made it over the hump.

I hate almost everything about my baby being sick. There is, however, one thing that I have grown to love. During this bout with sickness, Cayden has become fond of saying the most beautiful word in a baby's vocabulary...the word that every mother longs to hear...mama. We knew that he was capable of saying mama as we have heard him randomly do so over the last couple months (mainly when he's upset and it sounds more like maaa maaaah). This week, he has been saying it a lot and I LOVE it. Sometimes, he says it in a whiny voice as if to say, "Mama, I don't feel good". And sometimes he says it while he's playing on the floor and looks up at me smiling. And sometimes he just repeats "ma" over and over. But I love it. It is one of my very favorite titles.

I'm sure before too long, the newness of "mama" will wear off and it will seem like a normal part of daily life. I just imagine in several years when we have another child and I hear this word
100 times a day, I won't think twice about it. Perhaps I'll wish for the days when my kids couldn't speak! But right now, I'm reveling in this new title.