Monday, November 23, 2009

Just some random ramblings

This is going to be short and sweet because I'm EXHAUSTED but I feel like I'm starting to fall behind on my word of being better about updating this blog. So, here's a quick blurb about what's going on with the Day's.

Cayden has recently decided that he doesn't enjoy sleeping anymore. It seems that about the time he hit 10 months we started having problems and it's been downhill ever since. My child who was sleeping 12 hours a night and taking two 1-1/2 hour naps during the day is gone. I haven't quite figured out what's going on - or what type of schedule he needs to be on yet. I guess we're still in transition mode. In the meantime, it's wearing me out! I'll post more on this later because I have some questions for other moms out there. He's also starting to show a different side to his personality. A selfish, rebellious side. We all have them. We are, after all, human. That is the hardest job as parents, I train up imperfect little souls to be more like Him who is perfect. Cayden has discovered his own autonomy and has been trying to find how to express himself. His new found independence coupled with a lack of sleep has made for a couple of worn out parents! He also had his third cold recently, which might be attributing to some of the uncharacteristic behavior. I love fall but really hate all the sickness that it brings!!

Collin is doing great at work and is looking forward to having a couple of days off this week. My mom took vacation all week this week and I had a great time hanging out with both my parents today. After months of looking, I FINALLY found a table for our breakfast area that I love and we went to pick it up today. My dad spent 3 hours putting it together this afternoon and I am thrilled to tell you that it looks fabulous in the house! I love it! It's exactly what I wanted for that room. I keep meaning to post some pictures of the house. We still have a ton of stuff to get done over the next few months but we're slowly getting there. My mom and I are going to look at fabric tomorrow because we're going to attempt to make pillows for my living room. I want a change and cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. Neither of us are seamstresses so this will probably be comical! If all else fails, I have an aunt that lives in Waxahachie that sews so we might be paying her a visit!

OK, that's life in a nutshell. I've got to run to bed because I never can tell if I'm going to get to sleep all night or not these days...courtesy of one stinkery, but super cute, little boy :)