Monday, November 23, 2009

Just some random ramblings

This is going to be short and sweet because I'm EXHAUSTED but I feel like I'm starting to fall behind on my word of being better about updating this blog. So, here's a quick blurb about what's going on with the Day's.

Cayden has recently decided that he doesn't enjoy sleeping anymore. It seems that about the time he hit 10 months we started having problems and it's been downhill ever since. My child who was sleeping 12 hours a night and taking two 1-1/2 hour naps during the day is gone. I haven't quite figured out what's going on - or what type of schedule he needs to be on yet. I guess we're still in transition mode. In the meantime, it's wearing me out! I'll post more on this later because I have some questions for other moms out there. He's also starting to show a different side to his personality. A selfish, rebellious side. We all have them. We are, after all, human. That is the hardest job as parents, I train up imperfect little souls to be more like Him who is perfect. Cayden has discovered his own autonomy and has been trying to find how to express himself. His new found independence coupled with a lack of sleep has made for a couple of worn out parents! He also had his third cold recently, which might be attributing to some of the uncharacteristic behavior. I love fall but really hate all the sickness that it brings!!

Collin is doing great at work and is looking forward to having a couple of days off this week. My mom took vacation all week this week and I had a great time hanging out with both my parents today. After months of looking, I FINALLY found a table for our breakfast area that I love and we went to pick it up today. My dad spent 3 hours putting it together this afternoon and I am thrilled to tell you that it looks fabulous in the house! I love it! It's exactly what I wanted for that room. I keep meaning to post some pictures of the house. We still have a ton of stuff to get done over the next few months but we're slowly getting there. My mom and I are going to look at fabric tomorrow because we're going to attempt to make pillows for my living room. I want a change and cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. Neither of us are seamstresses so this will probably be comical! If all else fails, I have an aunt that lives in Waxahachie that sews so we might be paying her a visit!

OK, that's life in a nutshell. I've got to run to bed because I never can tell if I'm going to get to sleep all night or not these days...courtesy of one stinkery, but super cute, little boy :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Months

I wrote this post 10 days ago, when Cayden turned 10 months, and haven't had time to get online to post it with the pictures until now!

My baby is 10 months old! I know I say it constantly, but the time is flying by so fast! He's growing up in what feels like a blink of our eyes and I find myself constantly wishing that I could freeze these days in my mind and heart forever. Sometimes I feel like he should still be my tiny baby that wants to cuddle and sleep all the time. Then I watch him crawling after the cat, trying to pull his tail and cannot help but think that my little baby is not so little anymore...

Cayden Glenn, here's what you're up to at 10 months:

-You are an eating machine - you eat 3 meals a day and are nursing about 4 times a day. You still want nothing to do with finger foods, do not like sippy cups, and have recently developed an aversion to bottles (much to your mothers dismay!).
-You sleep about 12 hours a night still and HATE to have your diaper changed first thing in the morning.
-You are wearing size 3 diaper and mostly 12 months clothing.
-You just had your first haircut.
-You love to play with daddy.
-You are still cuddly sometimes and we are enjoying it while it lasts.
-You love running errands and going places.
-You enjoy crawling everywhere and like walking while holding onto our hands.
-You love to wave and will do it at most people (and pictures, and animals, and just about anything!).
-If I look at you and start laughing for no reason, you will look back at me and start laughing and we can do this together for a good 3-4 minutes. It totally cracks me up!
-You just cut your third tooth yesterday and you have 2 more on the top that are REALLY close.
-Your daddy and I love you SO much! You are a constant joy in our lives!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second Sweetest Name I Know

My sweet babe is sick. It seems to be just a cold (praise the Lord!) but we are staying home and taking it easy none the less. The second cold of his little life has been accompanied by his third tooth and it has made for a rough week around the Day household. He has actually been a trooper and since the tooth finally broke through yesterday and today is day 4 of the cold, I'm hoping we've made it over the hump.

I hate almost everything about my baby being sick. There is, however, one thing that I have grown to love. During this bout with sickness, Cayden has become fond of saying the most beautiful word in a baby's vocabulary...the word that every mother longs to hear...mama. We knew that he was capable of saying mama as we have heard him randomly do so over the last couple months (mainly when he's upset and it sounds more like maaa maaaah). This week, he has been saying it a lot and I LOVE it. Sometimes, he says it in a whiny voice as if to say, "Mama, I don't feel good". And sometimes he says it while he's playing on the floor and looks up at me smiling. And sometimes he just repeats "ma" over and over. But I love it. It is one of my very favorite titles.

I'm sure before too long, the newness of "mama" will wear off and it will seem like a normal part of daily life. I just imagine in several years when we have another child and I hear this word
100 times a day, I won't think twice about it. Perhaps I'll wish for the days when my kids couldn't speak! But right now, I'm reveling in this new title.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cutest little boy ragdoll ever!

If you saw my previous post, you know that Cayden was Raggedy Andy for Halloween this year. Along with his partner in crime, Maylee, they made one super cute pair of rag dolls! On Friday night, we went to a Halloween party at our friends the Poor's house. I always love hanging out with this fun group of peeps but I was extra excited that Cade would get to wear his costume more than once!

I had to put his hair in a ponytail under the hat to ensure that he had no strays sticking out...the boy needs a haircut, I know...


Sharing our toys with friend Rylie, who dressed as a super cute giraffe

Is it just me or does he look kinda grown up here?

"What are you wearing, friend?!?"

They really looked like rag dolls - it was so cute!

I was thrilled to get this picture...

...because most of the time they were doing this!

The above picture was taken after we got home. His hair had been in a ponytail all night and this is what it looked like when we took it out. He looked like Johnny Bravo. It was awesome.

On Halloween, we spent the day taking it easy and that evening we met the Simpson's at Clint's parents house to take some pics of the kiddos before we headed out. They had this white bench in the front yard which suited our picture taking needs perfectly.

I just cannot get enough of this precious face!!

After the picture taking commenced, we headed over to the Benbrook Fall Festival but it was CROWDED. I heard later they estimated 10,000 in attendance (which is crazy because Castle Park is not that big of an area) so we decided to fore go that idea and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner, our little threesome headed to Wedgwood Baptist Church's Fall Festival to say hello to DeeDee and Pawpaw (my parents). They thoroughly enjoyed getting to see Cayden dressed up and show him off!

Proud grandparents with Raggedy Andy

And after a long, fun-filled night, our little Raggedy Andy was pooped out! Hope everyone had a great, safe Halloween! I am always a little happy for this holiday to be over because that means we're getting closer to celebrating the birth of our Savior and that is always my favorite holiday by far!