Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sad day in the Day house

The inevitable happened this morning. We were almost ready to leave for the pumpkin patch* when we caught Cayden climbing out of his Bumbo seat. Like climbing out to the point of his entire body being out of it. If we hadn't been paying attention it could have turned into a scary and painful ordeal but thankfully we caught him before he had a chance to fall. So, all that to say...I'll be putting this beloved baby device away. So long Bumbo - you have served us well and we will miss you greatly (although probably no one more than me!). We'll see you again when baby #2 comes along. If everything goes according to our plan, it won't be for a little while :)

*We had a fun time at the pumpkin patch and are now home and exhausted! I catnapped in the car on the way home while Collin drove and now he's taking a quick nap while Cayden and I play together. I'll post some pictures later today or tomorrow.

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