Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It's just a quick snapshot I took on my phone yesterday while we were out running errands. I could stare at those beautiful baby blues all day!

I am huge into making lists but my problem is that I usually only accomplish about 1/3 of what's on my list. In an effort to be held somewhat accountable, here are the things on my mind today (including many to-do's):

•I need to find a drycleaners by my house that I like.
•I'm so thankful my parents made it to Missouri safely yesterday and hope they have a great anniversary today!
•I need to put the final touches on the study and on Cayden's room so they will be done.
•I wonder how hard it would be to add crown molding to both the above mentioned rooms.
•Why do people, including me, say "safe and sound"? What does that mean exactly? Does "sound" mean of sound mind? So really if you ask someone if they're safe and sound, are you asking them if they're safe and not crazy?
•I would like to have a garage sale but am totally overwhelmed and don't want to tackle it alone.
•I wonder when the best time to put winterizer on the grass is...should be getting close.
•I need to organize the pantry...well, all the cabinets now that I think about it.
•I am planning to start weaning Cayden sometime in his 11th month of life and I'm dreading it. He loves to nurse. I think it's his favorite time of day. In fact, I'm certain it is. I'm afraid weaning is not going to go well.
•I'm extra excited for Christmas this year.
•I need to iron work shirts for Collin.
•I need to get better about couponing and learning how to be more thrifty.
•Cayden needs a haircut.
•One of the three things that I didn't like about this house is that there's no fireplace. We are looking at having a corner fireplace put in the living room and I'm debating if I want to spend the extra money and put an electric in or just put a black box in that I can arrange candles in. The latter is completely useless, it's just for looks. But really the whole reason I want it is for looks. I want a mantle to decorate! We live in Texas, it's not like anyone here really needs a fireplace. Having an electric would be cool but is it really worth several hundred dollars to me?
•We really need to finish babyproofing the house, which includes finishing covering all the outlets, finishing locking all the cabinets, and anchoring/mounting all heavy furniture/electronics to the wall.
•I want to finish reading Blue Like Jazz.
•I need to do laundry and dust, vacuum, and mop the house.
•I will never get tired of hearing Cayden's precious chuckle. It's my favorite sound ever.
•I have got to figure out where I want things on the wall - most of our decorative stuff is still in the garage because I cannot seem to make up my mind. Collin has given me until weekend after next to decide.
•I need to decide on who I want to do Cayden's 1 year pictures and go ahead and schedule them.
•We're out of Bath & Body Works hand soap
•I want to learn how to use our camera really well.
•I need to decide on a cute, non-cheesy 1 year old birthday party theme idea and finalize the date & time.
•I want to learn to sew.

Alright, that's all I have time for. Everyone have a super day!

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