Friday, October 16, 2009

My TALL 9 month old

Today was Cayden's 9 month doctors appointment. I was eager to get his measurements because I can tell that he's really been packing on the weight recently! He weighs 19 lbs, 15 1/2 ounces - half an ounce shy of 20 pounds! That seems crazy to me because I barely weighed 20 pounds at 1 year old! Apparantly, boys are supposed to be bigger because he's only in the 45th% for weight. I wasn't terribly surprised to learn that he's 30 inches tall but once I started thinking about it in terms of my 9 month old being 2 1/2 feet tall, it seems kinda nuts! The nurse acted surprised and then made some comment about basketball in his future ( why do people usually stereotype tall people as basketball players?!?). Cayden is in the 95th% for height. No wonder he's too tall for so many of his clothes!!! He got one shot and some blood drawn, where I was sad to learn that Cayden is a little bit anemic. I am waiting on a call from them to tell me how they want me to handle that. He's already taking poly-vi-sol every day, a nasty smelling vitamin that contains iron. I guess it's not enough for him though. I was a little bit anemic when I was pregnant with him -- I wonder if that's somehow correlated. Anyway, after the finger prick, we learned that Cayden is a crazy bleeder. He bled all over himself, me, the super nice technician, and through 2 bandaids. Crazy! I'd rather it be that way than have the technician trying to nurse his finger for an hour to get enough blood to fill up the tube, though!

In other cool news, I downloaded an awesome app on my handy iPhone that will let me write and post blogs from my phone. This will totally help the lack of blogging problem that I've been experiencing over the last few months. Yay for that! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. My parents are babysitting Cade tonight so that Collin and I can go out so I'm pumped about that! And then we have the pumpkin patch tomorrow. I love fun weekends like this :). And just because everyone could use more cuteness in their life, here's another pic of monkey...

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