Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please don't give up on me!

I am going to attempt to revive this blog, if anyone still even reads it! My lack of posting is unintentional so family far away that is probably annoyed with this dying blog and a lack of pictures of the little munchkin, please forgive me! I am trying :) Being a stay-at-home mom is so much busier than laying on the couch eating bon-bons...who ever came up with that stereotype anyway?!? I think I'm busier and more tired than I ever was when I worked outside the home!

Well, since I last gave a decent update, which has been months ago, things are in full gear around the Day house. We had a fabulous and very busy summer. We enjoyed a lot of fun times with friends, BBQ's in our backyard, and swimming with Cayden. We celebrated Collin's birthday in August (I threw him a surprise party that was a big success - he was totally surprised!) and took a little mini vacay, courtesy of Papaw (Collin's paternal grandfather) with Collin's family in Wimberley, Texas. Since fall has arrived, we've been enjoying a little slower paced schedule. We took a weekend trip to Tyler with our best friends in early September, which was really fun and a nice way to say goodbye to summer! We are still in the process of getting settled into the house. I hope we never again have to move with an infant. It's hard work! So far, we've almost completely finished with two rooms in the house. I'm hoping to be totally done with all the details of those by the end of the weekend and then we can find which room we're going to tackle next. We've been kind of going room by room and getting it the way we want it. It's a slow process but I'm happy with the rooms we've done! I'll post on the rooms we've done later.

Cayden is a happy, healthy, thriving 9 month old. Just typing that is weird. I cannot fathom that he is 3/4 of the way to being 1! The time has FLOWN by. He is curious, mobile, and lacks good judgement so life is interesting these days. Our house is about half way baby proofed and we're going to have to do the other half very soon. We are having to watch him closely all the time - for fear that he will go head first off of something (which happened for the first time last week) or he'll pop himself out of the Bumbo (which we've been a little worried about for the last 6 weeks or so - the day that happens will be a sad day for me!). He is so much fun and still lets me cuddle him, which I am very thankful for. He does not like loud noises or crowded places. He still does good in the church nursery - the only time he cries is when it's nap time and he doesn't want to fall asleep. He's kind of a bed snob. He only likes to nap in his bed - or his pack & play, he's ok with that too. He has the cutest laugh and sweetest smile and we are loving this stage of his life.

Collin is trucking along in his job, which he celebrated 1 year of employment with a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to believe that we've been living in Fort Worth for over a year now. I still finding myself wanting to say to people, "We just moved here..." It's been such a blessing for us both and has been made evident and confirmed over and over that this is where the Lord wants us to be right now. Collin is involved with a group of Godly guys here who meet once a week and pursue Christ...I hate to use the phrase Bible study because it's so much more than that. He's been crazy blessed by that and I have seen the Lord do AWESOME things in his heart over the last year. He constantly amazes me. He is the best dad and watching my two boys interact, play, and laugh at one another blesses my heart in ways that I cannot even describe. I am so honored to be his wife and to get to parent alongside him.

I am doing fabulous. I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom. I was just telling Collin this the other night, but I am SO grateful that I get to stay home with Cade. I went into his room to get him up from his afternoon nap the other day and he was standing in his crib just smiling at me from ear to ear. I know it seems silly and probably like no big deal, but it's precious, sweet moments like that which I would miss out on if I was working outside the home. I think about the laughs, silliness, loving discipline, and learning that goes on during the day and I wouldn't want to miss that for all the world. Don't get me wrong - I would work if I had to, of course, but I am so thankful that I don't have to. Things may be tighter than they used to be when we had two incomes, but you won't ever hear me complain about it. It's SOOO worth it to me and I am blessed with a hubby that feels the same way!

Well, that's our life in a nutshell. We are planning to go to the pumpkin patch this Saturday so I'll try and be a good blogger and actually post about it! Here are some pictures of our little sweetie over the last couple months.


Ashley said...

Glad you're back...but I can't blame you. I've been slacking too.