Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday sweet boy!

My precious Cayden,

My mind can hardly grasp the fact that you are half a year old. It seems like just last week you were so tiny in my arms and now here we are, on the downward slope to your first birthday. You have brought your daddy and I so much joy. Here are some things that you're up to these days:

-You will smile at almost anyone if they will look you in the eye and say something sweet to you in a calm, happy voice.
-You still sleep through the night - usually somewhere around 10-12 hours straight (there was a time when I thought this might never happen so this makes mommy very thankful).
-You usually wake in the mornings in a great mood and I listen to you on the monitor making sweet cooing noises and talking to the appliques on your bumper.
-When I go in to get you up in the mornings, I stand over your crib and quietly watch you being so cute for a moment. As soon as you see me, you get a huge smile on your face and get so excited. It totally makes my morning everyday!
-You usually only nap twice a day now and don't typically wake up very happy. Actually, you don't go down nearly as easy as bedtime either!
-You still treat your baths like the hot tub. And last night, you made yourself laugh in the bathtub by splashing around and it was the cutest thing ever. You would kick and splash water on yourself and you thought it was hilarious. I don't think I've ever heard you laugh so hard. My face hurt afterward because I was smiling and laughing so much!
-You love to get wrapped up in a towel after your bath. It puts you in a great mood and you always make precious faces and talk so sweet to us. We have said since you were little bitty that we love "after the bath" time.
-You are in the stage where you want to put everything in your mouth. Especially your hands. Or our hands.
-You have a yellow lovie that you really enjoy and like to hold onto it when we're in the car or you're out shopping with me.
-You will watch Baby Einstein but you only like the parts with the animation, not the actual people. We don't let you watch it too much. Maybe a couple times a week, if mom's in a jam and needs to get something done.
-You will happily go shopping with me and usually sit contently in your car seat or the stroller. This makes mommy very happy and my life much easier.
-You also sit happily in my lap, which I love.
-Your hair has turned a very light brown color and has blonde highlights. This has surprised daddy and me!
-You prefer me and daddy but you will let just about anyone hold you.
-You do great in the nursery at church. I have never once gone to get you and you were crying or had them tell me that you fussed a lot or were difficult. Again, makes mommy very happy.
-I think you know your name.
-You enjoy toys that make noise or light up. Especially ones that sing songs. You have a sweet yellow lamb that sings Jesus Loves Me and we often play it for you at night before bed.
-You typically do really well in restaurants (the only exception is if it's a really loud place - you are not a big fan of extremely loud noises).
-Your favorite time of day is when daddy comes home from work. We were just talking the other day about how daddy didn't think that you would act happy to see him when he comes home until you got bigger but you do now and he loves it!
-You love rice cereal.
-The sound of your laughter is infectious.
-You can sit up by yourself but you're still a little wobbly.
-You are wearing 6 months clothing and some 9 months. You cannot fit into 6 month sized 1 piece things anymore because you are SO long! Daddy and I think you're going to be tall.
-You love it when we sing to you.
-You are just beginning to discover Ace. Sometimes, when he walks by and catches your eye, you'll just stare at him. I don't think you quite know what to think about him!
-You think your daddy is hilarious. You LOVE it when he plays with you. Sometimes I will hear the two of you laughing together in another room and it makes my heart ache. It's precious.
-You aren't real sure what to think about going to the pool. You don't like the bright sun and all the people.
-You love to play in your stationary entertainer.
-You enjoy watching daddy kick a ball around.
-You have a lot of fine, straight hair and it sticks up on the top of your head. Everywhere we go people make comments about how you're the cutest thing they've ever seen and they adore your hair.
-You adore Stevie, your colorful singing duck. He is by far your favorite toy.
-You don't have any teeth poking through yet but you're working on it.
-I wouldn't be floored if you turn out to be left-handed, but I know it's too early to tell.
-Your acid reflux is a lot better and we don't have to give you medicine anymore. You are, however, having trouble processing solid foods. I'm trying to figure out your little system and get you regulated.
-The babbles that you're starting to do are precious. You have the cutest little voice!
-I think you're going to be a flirt. You'd rather girls to hold you than boys and you seem to have a few select girls that you prefer.
-So far, you like pears, prunes, cantaloupe, avocado, and you dislike carrots. I'm going to keep pushing the carrots and hopefully you'll change your mind.
-You really do not enjoy your Tri-vi-sol vitamin so I've been putting it in other things to get you to take it. The face you make is hilarious.
-You try to drink out of a sippy cup, but half of it ends up on your shirt.
-You're not a big fan of the tray on your high chair. You always push it away when we put it on.
-I'm thinking that we may have to retire the Bumbo seat in the next month or two because I cannot sit you in it with anything else around. You want to grab and pull on everything within hands reach. You knocked over my can of Sprite that was sitting on the counter a couple of weeks ago.
-You have a very high-pitched, and loud, scream.
-You will play by yourself without someone having to entertain you and I'm thankful for that.
-You love to throw your hands around and grab my face.
-You still have ezcema but with the hydrocortisone and aveeno lotion, it's much better.
-When you get overtired, you get very upset and it's even harder to get you to go to sleep.
-So far, if we have to take something away from you, you don't fuss or even act like it really bothers you. I'm loving this and wondering when it will stop.
-You look up at me and smile at me when I walk into a room. I love it.
-You are loved by everyone who knows you!


Honea Household said...

Kristin, he is SO cute!!! Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeze him! So cute...I love his little faces!

I cannot belive he's 6 months old and I haven't even met him! I've got to come see you! Miss you and Love you.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I totally love your post; of course, I cried reading it. We are soooo blessed; praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Love, DeeDee

The Vann's said...

Just look at those chunky sweet legs! I love 'em! What a doll!!! Love you sweet boy and can't wait to scoop you up in a few weeks and give you sweet kisses!!

Happy 6 month b-day! :)