Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're alive!

There has been a lack of posting on my behalf over the last few weeks, but don't think it's for lack of anything to blog about! We have been very busy around the Day household. I was sick for a week which really put us behind in the getting unpacked phase of moving. Then, on the day that I started feeling a little better, I threw my neck out (that's such a weird do you "throw" your neck out...anyway, I don't know how else to describe it) and was out of commission for a couple more days. That put us even further behind so the following week (which was last week), we were frantically running around like crazy people to try and get the house somewhat put together before Collin's parents and aunt came to stay for the weekend. We still have A TON to do, we still have lots of stuff in the garage not to mention have done almost zero decorating in the house, but at least most boxes inside the house are gone. Also last week, Collin further messed up his already hurting foot by playing soccer on it and had to be put on some anti-inflammatory medication along with vicodin for the pain. The doctor thinks it's a stress fracture or possibly a hairline fracture and it is slowly getting better.

We had a wonderful weekend with Collin's family. On Sunday, we celebrated Collin's first Father's Day and had Cayden dedicated at church. At our church they call it parent dedication and we like that because that's truly what it is. It is us pledging to do our best to raise Cayden to know and love the Lord. It was a very special day and meant so much to both of us.

Sorry this is kind of blurry!

Our family of three after the service was over

This week was supposed to be restful and productive. It hasn't turned out to be much of either so far! Yesterday, I learned that we have a major stoppage in our master bathroom and possibly a main line stoppage throughout the house. I have been told not to use any water and am waiting on the plumber from Rescue Rooter to come sometime between 11-2 today. It is amazing how much water I use on a normal basis. Rinsing dishes, washing clothes, bathing myself and Cayden, washing hands, running the dishwasher, brushing teeth, I could go on and on. Anyway, it's been interesting!

Cayden is growing like a weed as they say. He's a happy, sweet baby and we are enjoying this stage of his life. He has the most precious laugh and he'll get in these moods where he laughs for no reason. I just look at him and he laughs. So sweet! He's still good about going to just about anyone, which we are so thankful for. He does good in the nursery at church around strangers so we're hoping that continues as long as possible. He's curious about everything and wants to grab it and stick it in his mouth. He has adjusted nicely to the new house. He's sleeping good in his new room and is even going easy on Collin while I'm away at Bible study on Monday nights! His hair is getting thicker, longer, blonder, and sticks straight up everywhere. Poor kid - he has my hair when I was little. Everywhere we go people ask me how I make it do that. We just wash it. Seriously, it does it all by itself. When I was a baby, my parents tell me that everyone used to tell them what to do to make my hair lay flat. People don't really do that with me. I think because he's a boy. His hair sticking up actually looks cool and cute on him! Speaking of hair, daddy played around with Cayden's hair and the gel last week.

A little fauxhawk for both Cayden and daddy

The comb-over

The slicked back look

Spiked up like daddy's hair

Notice how Collin fixed his hair like Cayden in all the pictures. Such a good sport and a great daddy!

Cayden finally decided that tummy time isn't entirely horrible and now loves rolling over. I never go into his room anymore to find him sleeping on his back, although I still always put him down like that. Actually, I went into his room a couple weeks ago when we were still putting him in his sleep positioner, and this is what I found.

Don't ask me how this even happened but it did. We haven't used the sleep positioner since and this was the last time I've gone in to wake him up and he was on his back!

So, that's basically what's going on with us. ***Since I started typing this post, the plumber has come and gone (along with Larissa and Maylee who came to keep us company while the plumber was here - you never know if they're going to be creepy or nice...thankfully, this plumber was older and very nice) and he solved the problem!! I have a house with fully functioning water again - yay!