Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Huge Praise!

My #1 goal before we move into our new house was to improve Cayden's nighttime sleep habits significantly. I always said that I would never let the baby sleep in bed with me. Well, my mama was right when she said to "never say never"...after the traumatic delivery that I had and everything that happened upon returning home from the hospital, accompanied by the fact that Cayden seemed to hate his bassinet and refused to sleep in it (it's a flimsy mattress, who can blame him?!?), I put him in bed with me. I justified it as saying that we were in survival mode (which was very true) and it wouldn't last long. Well, a few nights of "just doing it to be able to get some sleep" turned into weeks and even months, along with Cayden thinking that he needed a sleep partner to get to sleep. We discovered that he liked the cradle a lot better than the bassinet (thank you, Grandad!) but did not want anything to do with sleeping without mama. I had been trying to transition him for a while but the boy is strong willed and it ended up that he would sleep in his cradle for the first couple of hours in the night and then I would put him in the bed with me because I was exhausted and didn't have the energy to fight him anymore. I hated doing this because I knew that I needed to be consistent and didn't want to confuse him. So, over Memorial Day weekend, Collin and I came up with a plan. He would take the first shift of the night, come get me when it was time for him to eat, and then I would feed him and take the second shift. The ultimate goal was to keep him in his cradle all night. I am pleased to tell you that it worked beautifully! Cayden has now slept in his cradle for the past 5 nights in a row. He goes down about 8:30 PM, eats once in the night (usually about 2:00 AM) and sleeps until 7:00 or 7:30 AM. This is going to make the transition to a new room and his crib so much easier...on all of us :) Thank You, Jesus!

Another exciting milestone for Cade this weekend was that he went to the nursery for the first time on Sunday morning and did great! It was a little hard for me leaving him (it was the first time that I've ever left him with non-family members!) but it'll get easier the more we do it. I kept glancing at the screen to be sure our number didn't pop up on the screen but it never did. When I went to pick him up, he was alseep in a swing and they said that he was a sweet little thing all morning. This mama was so relieved!


Honea Household said...

Yay! We struggled with the bed thing with Ryann for a while. She slept in our bed A LOT when she was a baby. Cullen didn't like sleeping with us. He slept in his crib from the very beginning.

However, now, Cullen does get in bed with us quite often. But it doesn't bother it all that much. The don't go to sleep in our bed but a lot of times he ends up in our bed. Ryann very rarely does, but it happens occasionally. Sometimes a queen bed gets crowded real quick when there are four bodies in it! haha! :) But my thinking is, they aren't going to little forever and they won't want to sleep in our bed forever. Pretty soon, I'm going to beg them to sleep in my bed with me and they won't want to. It goes by WAY too fast!

Good job getting him to sleep in his bed. What a big boy! When they are little like that, they seem to wake up more easily and it's just better for them to sleep on their own. (Even though it's so wonderful to wake up cuddling with them!)

Larissa said...

Yay Cayden!!! We knew you could do it!!! Im so happy he's sleeping for you guys and I know your feeling like a whole new person!